Unacceptable behavior

I had a good friend pass away a number of years ago who often said, “We need a war to get this country back on track.” I have never been an advocate of war and neither was he, but he explained that sometimes people show their better side in the shadow of adversity, much like we pulled together after 9/11. I mention this in light of the recent mania that took place when our country lost its bid for the 2016 Olympics. OUR president, despite an incredibly busy schedule, traveled to the site of the Olympic selection to put in a plug for the good old United States. You know the place, it is where we all live together under one flag and a great constitution. As you are aware, we were not awarded the Olympic games for 2016. Apparently many people in this country were caught on tape cheering because WE lost the Olympic bid. I am having a hard time understanding this behavior. How could it possibly be good for our country to lose a bid for an Olympic event regardless of who is president?
History has taught us that most civilizations decay from the inside out. A good analogy would be a football team. If the players spend all their time arguing and putting down their teammates, chances are they will not have a winning season. In most cases this kind of descent comes from a small portion of the team and spreads to the rest through lies and misrepresentation. Needless to say, there is little good that emanates from this type of behavior. Our country is a team in serious discourse. We need to pull together and realize that we are on the same team with many shared goals like the education of our children, nuclear disarmament, health care reform and staving off environmental disaster.
I understand that many people are unhappy that we elected Obama President. I understand that there are some Americans who are frightened by the fact he is African-American. I understand that some Americans are certain that President Obama is not a good person or even more bizarrely, that he was not born on American soil. I wish there was a way we could trust the government enough to believe that all these scenarios are totally untrue and without validity. I wish there was a way to come together as a country before our season is over.


One thought on “Unacceptable behavior

  1. With the Olympic bid, I think it’s a case of cutting our nose to spite our face. I see the same thing going on with health care reform. To borrow a line from Frank Herbert, “rot at the core spreads outwards.” I’m afraid I don’t have a terribly optimistic view of our future.

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