How I am going to get rich

camel with santa

*I am going to find a plant that when you chew it, it makes you
sick, but strangely enough makes you want to chew it again.
*As more and more people use it, I will gradually pick the plants
that make you want to chew it more.

camel women
*Then I will create the novel idea of rolling it in paper and inhaling
the fumes for a calming sensation…after you get over being sick.
*All the while I will continue to keep the plants that have the
biggest punch so that more and more people have to use it.
*Once I have the older people convinced of its merit I will
convince the children that it makes them look grown up.
*I will advertise on billboards, radio and TV how great this stuff is.
*Through advertising I will convince the men that the women are
more attractive when using my product and of course the other
way around.

camel with man

*I will make sure that all the cool people on TV are seen using my product

*I will give it freely to the solders that go off to war so that they may calm their nerves while protecting our country. I will quit giving it away when I started making lots of money.

*I will find doctors who are willing to say in public that this stuff is not bad  for  you.
*I will find lawyers who will sue any one who says different.
*When I have lots of money I will help the politicians who
agree with me get elected and pass laws to subsidize the
farmers who grow it.
*Then I will just sit back and let the money roll in.

I just need a catchy name…

Do you think it will work?

camel women in water

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