The Bike Ride


Yesterday the sun came out, the rain stopped, and nature presented me with one last warm day to ride my bike. My friend and I met at McKee Hollow Road and mounted our bikes and headed out for a quick 14 mile ride. The air was warm, the trees were showing off their blazing colors and the sun was beating down on us with its awesome power. We quickly got up to speed, pedals spinning, air rushing by as the quiet sound of a finely tuned bike joined the symphony of sounds nature creates on a day like this. The birds were adding their part such that I felt as if they were saying, the cold winds are coming. As we passed over a stream, with the water gently making its way over the rocks, it sparkled in the sun adding to the splendor of the moment. For the first part of the trip we moved more slowly as we made our way up a slight grade. When we arrived at our turn-around point at the top of a small hill, we took some time enjoying the beauty of the day.
We began our journey back moving slowly at first and gradually picking up speed until we were flying down the road at better than 25 miles per hour. The wind, the biker’s biggest foe, was putting up a fight, but it was no match for us today. We pushed on, with little regard to the complaining coming from our legs, enjoying the thrill of flying down the roads through nature’s glory, while making hardly a noise. After what seemed a short time, we arrived at our cars, sad that the ride was ended, chatted for a while and left for home, both knowing that days like this are far and so few between.


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