Heading south

While sitting in the house last winter during those long cold snowy days I decided that this year I would make sure I  was in a warmer climate. So, we have headed south and are making our way to Florida to visit a bunch of family/friends who either live there or are snow-birding. Tonight we are staying in Charlotte, NC with Sue’e sister and believe it or not it may snow tomorrow night. Time to head further south!  By the way that storm is heading right towards home in Hampshire County!   We left just in time!

On Thursday we will drive down to St Augustine Florida to see our daughter, Betsy. If it is cold there we will again head south. I told Sue we will drive  to the bottom of the Florida Keyes and if it is still cold, we will rent a boat and go to Cuba!

On another topic, the County Commission has formed a new committee to research and report back about the county’s authority and responsibilities in controlling Marcellus drilling in the county.  Believe it or not they have asked me to be on the committee.  This is my first step towards the 2012 election!  All the way with Cosmic Charley!

I will check in when we arrive in Florida. You all enjoy your huge snow storm heading your way!

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