One of God’s creatures

I am not a very religious person in the traditional way but I am a very spiritual person who is fascinated by the universe and all its complexities.  I look into the starry night and marvel at its beauty.  I see mountains and sunsets that make me want to cry with joy, but there are times when I question the rationale behind this universe of ours.  It seems as though some creatures are on Earth just to make our lives less enjoyable.  Now, if God or the universe, depending on your point of view, created all creatures, what was the point of creating life-forms whose main purpose is to make our lives miserable.

There are several living things that I would place on this list, and I am sure that some folks of a more religious mind might interject that God works in mysterious ways.  Well, let me tell you about chiggers or jiggers, with a multitude of other names, who live in grassy areas and love the smell of human blood!  I would gladly place a picture of my own suffering on this site but these little monsters do not bite in areas that make for appropriate photos for this site.

There is a fine line between pain and itching, and these bites are right on that line.  After being bitten about 15 times I spent two nights with outout much sleep.  Finally, I found a numbing cream made just for chiggers, applied the cream and had a wonderful night of sleep, but the last several days have left an indelible mark on my emotional state!  As a trained scientist, I know that these little guys occupy an important niche in the grand scheme of nature, and that somehow the house of cards that we call the ecosystem would suffer without their presence, but at this particular moment in my life, I am ready to abandon these ideals.  Forgive me God or Universe but please take your chiggers home!

3 thoughts on “One of God’s creatures

  1. 15!!!!! I had about 20 times that and you laughed at me when Dave C and I got them from fishing.. Karma!

  2. You asked what was the point of creating life-forms whose main purpose is to make our lives miserable. My feeling is they were suppose to be the food source of some other bug or creature. Small salamanders, beetles, ants, centipedes, larger mites, and spiders all eat chiggers. Adult chiggers are actually a good bug and harmless to people. They eat the eggs of other bad bugs plus the nymph stage of their own kind. So remember before you squish a bug. Good or bad? But I guess it does matter where it is when you’re thinkin about squishin. If it’s in my bathroom it’s gonna die.

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