Doctor Betsy is getting married!

This is what Betsy saw from the helicopter

Betsy Ileen Streisel has announced her intent to marry Thomas Edward Eanes.  No date has been set yet.  I believe it will be this coming spring.

Taking a ride on the love boat

Times like these catch parents off guard and force our minds to recall memories of our children growing up.  I keep thinking of my little girl riding her pink and blue bike down the C&O canal with a look of determination on her face that has shined through to this very day.  That was a long day for Betsy, riding almost 70 miles on her bike but resolute to make it to the end of the ride.  She was a fourth grader at the time!

Three years ago she decided to pursue a dual degree in Occupational Therapy and Physical Therapy. Today she has her degrees and missed the deans list by 1/2 of a percentage point.

Now she has made another decision, to marry Thomas.  I am sure she will take the same passion for creating a successful marriage that she has taken in all her  endeavors. She will be a great wife to Thomas and a loving parent to our grandchildren.

I remember the fear that consumed me when I broke the big question to Betsy’s mother  35 years ago but with hard work and love we have a good marriage and now we get to witness the marriage  of our daughter.  We are not total rookies in this  ‘children getting married’ department, because we have a  son Scott, who has been married for four years and is doing well.  Just recently, they informed us that they have figured out how to make grandchildren!

I just want to take this moment to send publicly our congratulations to Betsy and Thomas and may their marriage and life be as spectacular as ours has been.


2 thoughts on “Doctor Betsy is getting married!

  1. Charlie – love your blog. It shows that there is still intelligent life left on the planet.
    Could you do me (and maybe others) a favor and skip the different color type in your blogs. I hate it when I’m reading and I get to something you want to quote because I can’t see it. For me dark blue is the worst offender and red isn’t much better, yellow is OK though. I just can’t see them. I’m still wondering what Mr. Spock said when his body was inhabited by the alien.
    Again thanks for writing and please continue as I really enjoy every one of your adventures.

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