A Key West adventure by boats, bikes and car.

The weather down here in Florida is incredible.  Every day is 80 something with sunny skies and fluffy white clouds and it is still March!

Monday morning we took a boat to Key West.  It is a 3.5 hour trip from Ft Myers to Key West.  Total cost for the trip with our tandem bike was about $190. Roger, Sues brother-in-law, drove us to the departure dock for the Key West Express.  It’s a pretty big boat as you can see.

This is a front view of the Key West Express which you could drive a car under

From the back of this big boy you could see the power the engines were generating.

Not great gas mileage

Upon arriving at Key West we saw that we were not alone.

This was one of three super cruise ships sitting at Key West

We unloaded our bike and began our journey around Key West

A view of Key West from the lighthouse
This is the home of Ernest Hemingway
If you are planning to swim to Cuba from the USA this is where you would start
Sue loves to walk around old cemeteries

Having ridden around Key West for several hours we began our 30 mile journey against a 25 mph wind, to our first nights stay.

This was Sue and me at our first Florida resort
The wee little people taking a break
The Seven Mile Bridge which disappeared in front of us and behind us.
Dream on...
This was the view from our room
Time to leave the island and head inland to meet our ride.

Sue and I rode about 10 miles off the island where we met Roger, who picked us up and drove us back to Sanibel Island through Alligator Alley.

Sue and I waiting for our ride under a bridge on US 1.

What a great trip, but like all things it must come to an end.  Sue and I are already taking about doing the trip in reverse order to avoid the wind.


2 thoughts on “A Key West adventure by boats, bikes and car.

    1. Thank you so much for the kind words. I enjoy writing and having been a teacher for so long can not stop teaching. Hope to hear from you again!

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