The tiniest triathlete

Friday, August 24th at 6 pm in Morgantown WV, my grandson ran his first triathlon.  It was an exciting day for Dylan.

Getting ready for the big race

Dylan getting ready for his 66 yard swim in the cold pool. (68degrees)

The pool and the beginning of the race await.

Even though diving at the beginning was discouraged, Dylan dove in.

Diving in
The final leg of the swim.

And away we go on the bike.

The second leg of the triathlon.
Close up on the bike.

And then the run.

Heading for home, the final leg.
The happy triathlete

A video of Dylan’s race is at this link.

A Fly in the Window

The other day I was working in the pool room and noticed a large fly banging up against the glass door.  He was mighty upset, searching feverishly for a way out

of the building.  He would circle, climb and thrash his body violently against the window.

It is important to understand that this is a standard six-foot-sliding door that was open on one side.  As I watched him slowly lose the fight against the window, his invisible enemy, I wondered how we might look to a more advanced creature. I could not avoid the idea that the fly could have escaped easily if he had just backed up and viewed the window from a different place.  At times he was inches away from the open side of the glass door but still waged war with the glass.

As I watched the fly use his life in a futile and eventual losing battle, I considered how many times I have wasted my energy fighting an invisible enemy who could care less if I won or lost. I think sometimes we ought to able to back away from the ‘window’ to see a solution that is more beneficial to all concerned but I would have to say that this kind thinking is the exception.  Most of the time we spin our wheels carelessly, much like this fly, wasting our valuable life-force fighting invisible things.

So step back, take a breath, relax and enjoy the world around you!  Make sure you are not the fly who could not take the time to realize that just inches away was the answer to achieving freedom and happiness.


Part 2-The Fly’s Point of View:

I was buzzing around the yard when I noticed an opening in this big building.  Being the kind of fly that is always looking for a meal, I buzzed on in.  Right away I had the feeling that this was not a cool place.  On the floor were many of my missing brothers and sisters, dead.  The light was low and there was a gigantic ocean covering most of the floor.  There was a smell in the air that was not my kind of smell so I decided to bolt.  I headed for the light which was one whole wall of the building.  It did not take long before I crashed into some kind of invisible wall.  I was beginning to freak out in a big way as I searched feverishly for an opening in this mysterious wall with no success.  Repeatedly I threw my body against the unseen force but to no avail. After a while, I began to tire and could see more clearly the floor where all relatives lay dead.  Before I knew it, I was on the floor, tired and unable to fly any more.  It’s getting dark now.  I can see a bright light in the distance….


Claire’s trip to the beach

Lets go to the beach!

It was a very long trip from Morgantown West Virginia to Hatteras, North Carolina.  Our five months old granddaughter Claire was her parent’s main concern.  She had never taken such a long trip so her parents were worried about how she would handle the ride.  To compound their concern, they had to stop in Romney, WV to pick up Claire’s cousin Dylan, who is 6 years old and full of energy.  After that, they proceeded to Fredericksville, Virginia to stay at a friend’s house for the evening.  The following morning they were on the road again to the Newport News airport to pick up Scott’s sister Betsy, who flew in from Florida.  Then they headed down the road to their final destination, the outer beaches of North Carolina.  For most of the trip, they made good time but about 30 miles from the Wright Brothers Bridge; traffic came to a halt so that they crept along highway 158 the rest of the way to their next stop, Clare Strickler’s house in Kitty Hawk, North Carolina where we were waiting to meet them.

On arriving at our beach house, all helped to get all the stuff up the two or three flights of stairs to the bedrooms and kitchen.  Our rental was pretty neat in that it had a handicapped elevator which I would have needed afterwards if I had carried all that stuff up those stairs myself. Claire immediately became the center of attention as she played and made her baby sounds while sitting in her chair on the living room floor

So this is the joint we are staying?
I love flowers

I did not take long for the group to make its way to the beach where Claire would put here feet in the ocean for the first time.

Mom and Dad with Claire
Mommy this stuff is cold!

Of course we had a little shelter for Claire at the beach.


Of course we need a picture of the cool dudes (grandma and Pap paw) hanging at the beach.

Cool sunglasses
Just so we are clear, I am the new girl in town.
Mom and Clair after a day at the beach
You have to spend at least one day at the pool.
Everyone wants to hold the baby, including Aunt Betsy.

The week went quickly and it was time to pack up all our buggie boards and head back to the mountains.  Always a tough thing to do.

Our ever growing family, as we prepare to head home,
minus Thomas, our new son-in-law.