You can take my gun from my cold…..


I have tried real hard to see both sides of the gun issue. Because of my basic distrust of government and the potential tyranny that has brought down so many societies in the past, I enjoy, even if I do not use the right to bare arms. I choose not to own firearms because of the potential for unauthorized use of weapons. I always worried about our children finding the guns and unintentionally injuring themselves or others. Guns are certainly not beneficial when tempers flare on the bumpy road of life. Despite this, I do honor the right for responsible and sane people to own guns. I hope that they keep them in a safe place away from those who might misuse them. When I talk about guns in the home, I am not talking about military assault weapons but am referring to hunting rifles or multi-shot pistols. I see no need for common folks to have weapons capable of mass killing. I imagine that if I watched MADMAX every night for several years I might become paranoid enough to buy an assault weapon, but I do not plan to spend my evenings in that way.  I am pretty sure that the Founding Fathers could not foresee the sophisticated weaponry that is available today.  And, I am pretty sure that they would see the need to control these types of weapons.

Our most recent unimaginable assault on a school, has explosively reignited the gun debate. Everybody is proposing new ideas in a national discussion, and the gun manufactures are throwing gobs of money with ridiculous ads warning us of the coming apocalypse when the American people are disarmed. I am not certain how many times I have heard people say that President Obama would like to take away their guns. This is the most ludicrous thing I have heard. Right now, most Americans believe that there should be tighter control over who owns weapons and better procedures for monitoring who buys them. With current gun laws, were Charles Manson released from prison, he could hypothetically then go to a gun or a yard sale to buy whatever gun he wants.  This notorious gun user will never get out of jail but there are many other crazies out there willing to take his place.

One has to ask oneself, how many school, movie theater or postal shootings are we going to endure before we decide that we have a monumental problem in this country?  How many times are we going to wake up to the news that another group of children has been killed or traumatized for life by one of these massacres?  Of course, the NRA has a mindless answer: put guns in all school. So, now are children can see real-time shoot-outs in class. Our kids don’t have to go home to their televisions to see someone get murdered; they can see them right in their classroom. Talk about enhanced education!  Is anyone stupid enough to think that teachers would have had a chance with a little pistol against the firepower of this last attacker? Oh, I guess we will have to arm out teachers with Uzis so that little Johnny can get an even better show when the guns are a blazing. I bet the arms manufactures are already gearing up production as they get ready for what I choose to call the CLASSROOM ARMS RACE. The next step to in making our children really safe will be we to send them to school packing so that in every way it will be a fair fight when some nut-bag comes into the school with a Uzi.  Sounds like a new reality show to me…..

5 thoughts on “You can take my gun from my cold…..

    1. I am flattered! Thank you very much. If you come to the states you have a place to stay while you visit. We are only 2 hours from Washington DC.

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    1. No, I am afraid I can not help you in this matter. I live in West Virginia where guns are
      as dear as food even though the only gun I own is one given to me by my grandfather. The arguments for owning a gun are compelling to me since I worry about a government out of control and civil liberties falling by the wayside. But there many people out there who own guns who are pretty nuts, so it is quite a dilemma for me. One thing I always remember when asked what would I do if someone broke in and I say, “there is no item in my house more dear than a human life.” Now, if they were to try and harm one of my family…that’s another issue.
      Thanks for talking. Thats how change begins.

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