Another reason not to eat wheat

The reasons keep piling up for not consuming wheat.

Here is a video from a major news outlet that should help you quit eating wheat.

If you are diabetic, have high cholesterol, high blood pressure or any of the many diseases that plague our society, you should watch this video!

God stopped by and chatted with me the other day….


It was one of those dull, cold, overcast winter days when one would not expect much out-of-the-ordinary to happen.  I was watching the Daily Show, which I watch religiously, when suddenly, from out of nowhere, appeared a tall, dark-haired man in a robe standing in my living room.  Surprised and confused, I asked his name and how he got there.  He informed me that that was not important and then went on to tell me of his perpetual dislike of being associated with all of the crazy things we humans do to each other.  At first I considered calling 911, but something about this guy made me want to listen. So he went on, “I am not a mean God.  I do not cause people to get hit by drunk drivers, get cancer or jump off tall buildings.”  I interrupted him to asked, “So you are God?”  He looked at me in a fatherly way and continued on.  “I try to lay low and let people find their own way through what humans refer to as ‘life’.  It really hurts my feelings when you blame me for the terrible things that happen in your world.  I can assure you that I did not cause that tsunami in Malaysia, and sure as I stand here, I had nothing to do with those crazy guys who took out your World Trade building.  Recently, some nut-ball killed a bunch of children and their teachers in a school in a place called Connecticut and I am sure someone said, ‘God had his reasons.’  THERE ARE NO GOOD REASONS FOR KILLING YOUR FELLOW MAN!  I gave  you a set of rules, which the sixth one, after all the stuff about me is, THOU SHALT NOT KILL!  I tried to make it simple for you.  I am not sure where you people came up with the notion that everything that happens on your planet is somehow caused by me.  When GM makes a car, and you fall asleep at the wheel and run off the road, it is not GM’s fault.  There is nothing wrong with the vehicle other than it is not designed to know you are falling asleep.  I am much like GM in some ways; I designed your beautiful planet and set you free to guard and protect it; and I might add, you are doing a terrible job!  The other day I was checking out the Pacific Ocean and I noticed that you have filled up the entire middle with a huge floating mass of plastic.  My friends the fish are not too happy about this, not to mention all other living things who are also trying to survive.  You may have noticed that the temperature has been fluctuating a good bit in recent years and there have been some real big storms. Well, that is because you are dumping huge amounts of carbon dioxide into the atmosphere which is a powerful greenhouse gas.  Oh yeah, and those beautiful polar ice caps that make your planet so spectacular from space, are melting as a result of your careless antics.  Well duh, that is why Venus is so hot; its atmosphere is almost all carbon dioxide.  That is the reason I gave you a big brain, so you could know this stuff.  Just in case you are not following this, I did not cause the storms Sandy or Nemo, I was actually trying to get a little R&R down in the tropics at the time.  I think if I were doing it all over again, I would have each person born with a built-in-mirror so that when he does stupid stuff and wants to know who caused it, he can look into that mirror to see the culprit.  I have even considered making a new commandment, THOU SHALT NOT BLAME GOD FOR ANYTHING!”

Quick as he appeared, he said his good-bye and disappeared into thin air.  I sat there quietly for a while wondering if it was those mushrooms I had for dinner or maybe some bad potato salad.  Either way, I think the BIG GUY has a point.  It is a shame so few will listen to him….I better make my way to the kitchen and throw away that potato salad.

Almost back in the saddle again

food 1

If you have been following my recent blogs, these have been a most interesting and stressful couple of weeks for me. Two weeks ago I was swimming 100 meter sprints in a pool but, now I am restricted for a couple of weeks from doing anything that might cause pressure on my last week’s neck surgery. Yes, I had my carotid artery cleaned out because a small load of fatty stuff was restricting blood from reaching the brain. I did not have any symptoms beforehand but a recent LIFE-LINE screening showed a significant blockage.  After seeing the results, I headed off to a heart doctor to schedule an appointment, which took almost six weeks to get (shades of Canadian Health-Care) and thus began the journey to the place I am today, that is, 1001 Stitched Neck Drive, Confusion City, WV.

I think it is important for me to write about this and equally important for others to read about it because there is a major misunderstanding as to what we the people think is a healthful life-style. Most aging experts think that the human body is good for 120 years of relatively healthy living if properly taken care of.  I have practiced many of the recommendations that are thought to be a healthy-life-style and look what that got me!  I am 63 years old and now diagnosed with heart disease!  Obviously, I am missing something here.  I have read many books about vegetarian, vegan, The Zone, primal, Blood types diet and the list goes on and on; never the less, I always come away confused as to why various authors propose with great confidence, their radically different approaches to staying healthy.  Each author has data to supports his way of thinking.  The problem is this:  there is very little scientific, trustworthy data on how we should view nutrition so, the public has learned to turn a deaf ear to anyone who has a new idea and simply discard it in the pile of old ideas that never were either validated or rejected.  We move on then ” I must admit, I to move from idea to idea also” searching for an answer to the question, how do I live a healthful life?

The answer to this quandary may be quite simple but like most problems will cost money to find a solution.  Hell, we put a man on the moon, replace human hearts with baboon hearts, build computers that are smarter than we are so there is very little we cannot accomplish if we put our minds to the task.  The problem with the mystery surrounding the research of living healthfully is that it is very expensive and not very exciting, unless you are the one on the operating table; then it is quite exciting.  We as a society must decide that it is important to learn how to live a healthful life-style.  No doubt, there are simple steps one can take to be healthier like eating less sugar and processed foods, controlling weight and getting regular exercise, but it appears that the problem may be more complex than that.  In my case I may simply paying the price for eating too many carbs and sugar when I was younger.  A that time I believed that exercise would fix everything.

So here I am, a man adrift on a raft in an ocean of information, not knowing who or what to believe. My only advantage is that I have a paddle and can decide in which direction I want to go, I simply must, because my remaining life depends on it, decide which direction I need to go. Much of the information available to the medical profession is either out-dated or provided by the drug companies. Every supplement is touted as the elixir of life. If you think about this carefully, you begin to suspect that our society has another objective in mind. Old people are a real drag on a capitalist society!  Maybe the problem is that they do not want old folks to live a long, healthful life because it would cost too much money!  Maybe someone in some dark, poorly lit room has decided that we as a society do as little as possible to keep people alive past their productive years.  I think this approach may have backfired on the ‘perpetrators.’  Now that people live so much longer but have more medical issues because of poor life style; this all cost rich people (the one percent) more money to provide additional health services. I guess this goes back to the familiar line, “the best laid plans of mice and…..”

Hey Sue, where are those Twinkies I bought?