Help on the nutrition front

This is an interesting link where people discuss nutrition and the current trend in eating.
With ideas changing quickly on what is good to eat and what is not, it is a good idea to stay updated and make your own decisions.


2 thoughts on “Help on the nutrition front

  1. Well the low or no fat item reminds me of the Sienfield episode from the 1990s where they were having the no Fat Yogurt only to find that they were also gaining weight. Hence they tested the Yogurt and found it not to be Low Fat. When the real no/ Low Fat Yogurt was then sold no one liked it. Some funny Puns to boot in the episode.

    Funny how things that taste so good may not be good for you. However all is good in moderation and some will go on with their 5 hour energy drinks. Anyhow I always wondered if those folks really do all of the things advertized in 5 hours.

  2. Just the tip of the iceberg on this stuff Warren.. TONS of sugars, Stimulants, artificial sweetners, and various other crazy chemicals. 20k incidents a year related to energy drinks. Mostly from caffeine and stimulant overdoses, but also due to the other chemicals. You want to see something scarry pick up a GNC or a weight lifting catalog and look through it. Ever single advertisement is about some sort of stimulant to help you get ripped and stay focused while feeling the rush.. I went into one of the local meathead establishments to pick up some whey protein a couple months back. I overheard a college age kid talking to the guy that worked there about these different suppliments to help him get jacked. The guy that worked there was telling him that a lot of people ususally think this particular item, which I remember being in a grenade shaped container ( was way too strong for them. The kid proceeded to tell the employee that that was exactly what he was looking for. “The stuff that most people can’t handle is what I want”. Then he went on to add that sometimes he likes to mix “purple wrath” ( with “White flood” ( to get an extended effect while he blasted through some crazy sets.. When the consequences of the overuse of this crap start to fall out it will not be pretty.

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