When I Was 63

While participating in the 2013 Rocky Gap Triathlon, several young people made the statement, “I hope I am still running when I get to your age” as they made their way past me. This statement reminded me of the many times I said the same thing to older guys when I was younger. Well, here I am, the older guy, and I am still having fun participating in what I must call young persons events. Another young man’s sport is paintball, which I am not sure is really a sport. Yesterday, my son Scott, treated me to a day at the paintball course in Strawsburg Va, as a Father’s Day present, which in hindsight is a little weird since my son might be shooting at me, his old man. I was not totally committed to the idea of shooting people, or more importantly, being shot at, but eventually agreed to go. Here is a picture of the motley crew that participated in the event. I hope none of them are on any FBI most-wanted list….
Here is a picture of some of the my friends who joined me in Lake Habeeb for the Rockey Gap State park Triathlon.

Rich Davis, Me & Leonard Galvan
Rich Davis, Leonard Galvan and I

I am the ugly short one in the middle. Rich, who is towering over us; He is simply uphill from us and closer to the camera; Placed 42nd overall, 2nd in his age group with a time of 1:06:19. Leonard placed 45th overall, 3rd in his age group with a time of 1:06:12. I placed 52nd overall, 5th in my age group with a time of 1:08:12, and not in the photo and from Romney, David Loar, placed 60th overall, 4th in his age group with a time of 1:09:49. There were 134 participants in the event.
As I lay in bed early this morning I began to think of all the things I had accomplished in this 63rd year of my life. You may have seen some of these photos in previous blogs, but I will post them again for any new readers.
Here is my new solar hot-water heater.
This is my new metal pool roof where the new solar collectors will be placed in a week ort two..
June 9 2013 624
And of course, my newly remodeled wood shop.
June 16, fathers day 2013 018
Last but not least, I am almost finished putting my 1991 Honda Prelude back together.
June 16, fathers day 2013 017
My life philosophy is quite simple: always be learning something new; reach for the stars but enjoy the flowers in the woods, and most important of among all of these, enjoy every precious moment with the people whom you are given to love.
Happy Father’s day!


One thought on “When I Was 63

  1. Macho Man/Village People. Ah forever young or say its so. Nice to see you can still do this and survive. I will keep with my own non-competitive exercise activities/routines.

    Someone I know has done Boston and New York but now cannot hums WALK Don’t Run/Ventures If I want to keep my Knees. Something that happens when you are in your seventies.

    When you identify where you placed X out of how many – it might tell the rest of the story but Good Luck and Stay Healthy.

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