Sue’s continueing recovery

It has been 10 days since Sue’s hip surgery and everyday is better than the last. Many of our friends have helped out and Sue’s moral is improving steadily. Our daughter Betsy came in from Florida and is using her professional physical therapy skills to ensure that Mom stays on the road to recovery. We are already beginning to talk about our migration south this coming winter. She is still moving about on a walker, doctor’s orders, to prevent her from developing a limp but that should be leaving soon.
Thank you everyone for the support and the help. Make sure that if you know anyone who is getting a new hip to do their homework and insist that they use the anterior approach!
Hope to get back to writing real soon.


Sue has been admitted and we are waiting for the doctor. She is in a lot of pain and can not wait to be put under! This will be the first time she sleeps well in months! Her spirits are good and she is anxious to get this over with. Thanks for all the support!

Sue is heading to the hospital tomorrow

For our friends and family who keep track of our doings, Sue is headed to Sibley Hospital in Washington DC, tomorrow for her hip replacement surgery. Even though this has become a somewhat routine surgery in today’s world, it still is a major invasion into ones body. I will attempt to keep our friends and family informed as to Sue’s progress. We hope to be home on Thursday. Our daughter Betsy, who is a physical therapist, is coming in from Florida to help out for the week. Please keep Sue in your thoughts.
For those of you who do not read my blog on a regular basis, it would be wise to go back in my blog and learn about hip replacement in case you or a loved one are ever in the same situation as Sue.

what makes men tick?


Testosterone! I contemplated ending the blog right after the word, testosterone, but I realized that I could have so much fun continuing on that I just could not stop myself. Just think about it for a moment, What makes men so different from women? What makes men so competitive? Why do they start wars? Why do men do most of the fighting in wars? Why do they avoid shopping? Why do males always have to have the TV remote in hand? Why do men tend to drive the car when they are with their spouses? Why are they the first ones sent into dangerous situations? This list goes on and on, and it all comes back to the hormone of the ages, testosterone! We men, and women must face the truth: society and the world are simply a slave to human hormones and the king of hormones, is testosterone, with estrogen a close second, the queen of hormones.
Most any man or woman will tell you, when asked about the difficulties involved in man-women relationships, that it is very complex! Each member of the partnership has his/her own hormonal-driven agenda for dealing with every-day affairs. That said, I feel as if we men are totally controlled by this powerful drug. My own experiences tell me that I would probably be a nicer person without it coursing through my veins. Sometimes I feel as if I am sitting in the passengers seat watching someone else determine which way I go or what I say. The old saying, the devil made me do it!, has a whole new meaning when one talks about the effects of the big “T” on men’s psyche.

how men and women view color

Lately our world has decided that women are capable of leading countries, running large corporations and playing competitive sports. This brings a whole new set of problems to the table. Too many men, in fear of losing their seat on the throne, have come up with a number of reasons claiming that this is a bad idea. One of my favorites is: with a women in charge we will go to war every 28 days! My feeling is that this is better than going to war everyday of the month! Lets face it, we men LOVE war! We play games that simulate war; we enjoy watch war movies too much, one of the first games we boys play as kids is shooting games! Women, on the other hand, tend to grow up playing with dolls or playing house. Said another way, building and nurturing verse destroying and killing.


Another issue that needs to be discussed here is the ability of women to assume these increasingly powerful leadership roles. My immediate response is “NO,” but, neither can men handle these positions adequately. This is not necessarily sexist, I think most of us are generally incompetent! Look around you; open your eyes to the chaos that permeates our world. Most of it is brought on by the decisions that men have made throughout history. I have met only a handful of people in my life (men and women alike) who have true leadership skills and the ability to transcend their frail human tendencies. So, what is the answer? Who will lead us through this man-made chaos? Maybe that is why we feel the eternal need for a deity? We know we are not up to the task so we dish it off to someone sitting in the clouds capable of helping us through this maze called survival. Either way, it is not going to change any time soon, so make the best of a weird situation and always remember the Golden Rule-Do unto others as you would have them do unto you. Just remember that the opposite sex may not understand sufficiently what you would have them do unto you.


My thoughts on the shooting in Boston

I am sure it is hard for most of the people living on this planet to understand the depravity of an individual who kills innocent people for what appears to be little or no reason.  Sure, we fight wars to kill the enemy, whoever that is at the time to preserve our way of life, but to kill indiscriminately is way beyond the normal scope of most earthlings.  Even the ruthless Vikings faced their enemy before slaughtering them.  Placing bombs in trashcans, airplanes or restaurants seems like such a coward’s way to confront someone who you disagree with.  I am certain that we are all wrestling with the implications of this disgusting attack on innocent bystanders.  We all cried a tear as the TV crews drew us into the drama that unfolded over the following weeks.  The violence in our country continues to escalate with no clear change in sight.
Even though I believe that ensuring gun ownership to individuals who are stable enough to safely own a gun is a start, I know that the problems this country faces are much more intractable than that. The two young men in Boston did not use a gun. There are a multitude of examples of killing without using guns. Killers use knives, clubs, poisons, rocks and most anything they can get their hands on to kill their fellow man. Until we gain an understanding of why we Americans are such a violent lot, we must grope in the dark trying to find a explanation for our violence.