My thoughts on the shooting in Boston

I am sure it is hard for most of the people living on this planet to understand the depravity of an individual who kills innocent people for what appears to be little or no reason.  Sure, we fight wars to kill the enemy, whoever that is at the time to preserve our way of life, but to kill indiscriminately is way beyond the normal scope of most earthlings.  Even the ruthless Vikings faced their enemy before slaughtering them.  Placing bombs in trashcans, airplanes or restaurants seems like such a coward’s way to confront someone who you disagree with.  I am certain that we are all wrestling with the implications of this disgusting attack on innocent bystanders.  We all cried a tear as the TV crews drew us into the drama that unfolded over the following weeks.  The violence in our country continues to escalate with no clear change in sight.
Even though I believe that ensuring gun ownership to individuals who are stable enough to safely own a gun is a start, I know that the problems this country faces are much more intractable than that. The two young men in Boston did not use a gun. There are a multitude of examples of killing without using guns. Killers use knives, clubs, poisons, rocks and most anything they can get their hands on to kill their fellow man. Until we gain an understanding of why we Americans are such a violent lot, we must grope in the dark trying to find a explanation for our violence.


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