Sue is heading to the hospital tomorrow

For our friends and family who keep track of our doings, Sue is headed to Sibley Hospital in Washington DC, tomorrow for her hip replacement surgery. Even though this has become a somewhat routine surgery in today’s world, it still is a major invasion into ones body. I will attempt to keep our friends and family informed as to Sue’s progress. We hope to be home on Thursday. Our daughter Betsy, who is a physical therapist, is coming in from Florida to help out for the week. Please keep Sue in your thoughts.
For those of you who do not read my blog on a regular basis, it would be wise to go back in my blog and learn about hip replacement in case you or a loved one are ever in the same situation as Sue.


2 thoughts on “Sue is heading to the hospital tomorrow

  1. Lots of love to you both… Sibley is where Tamara was born. We’ll keep an eye on the blog and facebook, and we’ll look forward to hearing about your next tandem bike trip, when Sue is up and and running again!

  2. So true, it still is a major surgery and there are risks involved. Mum had left hip surgery last month and been doing good in her recovery. But before that, I’ve been reading articles and visiting blogs and forums to help me understand hip surgery and I’d say it did pay off. Good luck to Sue in her surgery and a speedy recovery.

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