Conspiracy theory # 387-Health insurane

It came to me while I was taking a shower. Like a bolt of lightning, the realization of what the government was up to showered on me like a spring rain. All this time I have been wrestling with the notion that, if we had health insurance for all Americans, it would save us money in the long run. Well I am here to tell you I have a new theory in this matter. Why would anyone with an ounce of sense want to keep us old farts around? We do not work much. We do not pay much tax. We are always going to the doctor and to get something cutout or fixed. We are always clogging up the interstate because we drive too slow. Quit often we get confused and disorientated. We tend to gain too much weight. We are very picky about what we eat. We pick and choose when we want to watch the grandchildren. The list goes on and on.

Someone in the government who is obviously very smart and young figured out that old people are a huge drain on our society. Anyone still hanging around past the age of…say 65 is pretty much dead weight! I imagine it was a several step plan to remove old people from the ranks of the human race. Think about this:

1. Teach people to eat poorly so they die young and fat.

2. Make it very expensive to see a doctor. (This alone decreases the average life expectancy)

3. Make it hard to get any worthwhile exercise.

4. Promote a stressful environment to work and live in.

5. Create stores that are miles long to keep old people from reaching or finding what they need.

6. Continue to decrease the font size on medicine so to increase the chance of taking the wrong dosage.

7. Inflate the money and increase food prices to the point that we simply die of malnutrition.

8. Inflate money and put us on a fixed income.

9. Promote the belief that everything will be beautiful when you die and go to heaven.

It would seem as if the cards are stacked against me. I am not that old but I am already feeling the pressure to move on. Yes, I am forgetful and I get balder every day but I am still a person! Politics are even becoming boring as I hear the same crap over and over. Ah hell, I should go to and buy an urn or just get an old coffee can and head over the interstate to play chicken with the semis. Sue, I can’t find my glasses, have you seen them?


One thought on “Conspiracy theory # 387-Health insurane

  1. Dear Conspiracy:

    Most members of the US Senate are older than 65 – call them the Crypt keepers. Most are millionaires. They will get all of the Care they need. Their mental illness may not be correctable.

    As far as Heath care even older people will heal although it takes longer and some muscle pulls and sprains really never go away – live with it.

    Now it might be nice to see Granny ala the Beverly Hillbillies Doctor or see one that may or may not be able to help you – just give some Drugs with the same result. Doctors do Practice and that in itself is not perfect.

    As you grow older you do gain WISDOM and should Know better how to and how not to survive. This in itself can assist in some of the STUPID us older folks tend to see in younger folks that lack experience(s) and knowledge.

    BTW when you do not work where is the STRESS – not being able to pay the bills or use all of the features on a cell phone? Take it easy, drive in non-peak or no traffic, get an extra hour of sleep, stay out of the rat race. Your drive to GET or PUSH ahead sort of diminishes as you Age.

    Well it is not all that BAD if you are Self reliant but that too comes with Age and Wisdom. Thus you do have things still working for you so use them.

    One thing I recall from an old HS Physics teacher – You cannot get Something for Nothing and that stays with me every time someone says you can – Well not exactly. It COSTS and that is the way it is.

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