Why do men enjoy farting


I have often wondered why the human male so thoroughly enjoys the act of intentional farting. I can visualize a group of cave dwellers sitting around the fire under a star-lit sky, roaring loudly at the release of gas by one of their buddies. There is no doubt that there is a certain pleasure from the sudden release of gases and amusement when someone else fills the air with sound. As a male, I admit that I have often engaged in the act of ‘flatulation’ and I must say there is a primal enjoyment to be had. There are few of us who can keep from broadly smiling when exposed to an unexpected fart. For this reason, farts are a standard low-brow kind of comedy in all forms of communication.
I have noticed that young people’s farts seem to be more socially accepted than old people’s. When a young man does it, it is seen as a expression of manly virility, but when an old guy farts, it is greeted with sighs of disgust; add to this, society totally frowns on women who flatulate. I could count on one hand in my 64 years the times I have heard a women fart!
Now, I am not a ‘flatuologist’, but there seems to be a lot of inconsistencies on how our society deals with this issue. After all, the act of releasing gas is simply a natural process of the digestive system, nothing more; yet, farts are omnipresent in our literature, our comedy and our daily lives.
So the next time you feel the urge to fart, think of the deeply intellectual discussion that you are currently engaged in. And oh, by the way, I am still confused as to why women do not fart more often, but that will remain for me, one of life’s mysteries….!


4 thoughts on “Why do men enjoy farting

  1. Control a rather natural activity – Well the older you are the more prone to you are.

    Get back to something more meaningful. Maybe you can write about the Beatles getting a life time achievement award and then doing someone else’s composition.

    This could be like their fart at the Grammys.

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