A young philosopher dropped by the other night

May 12, 2014 206

As I was driving home the other evening, I saw a young man walking along Route 29 with a large backpack strapped to his back. I could tell by his gear he was a serious traveler. I pulled over and asked him if he needed a place to camp and he quickly replied “Yes.” We loaded up his pack in the back of the truck and headed the short distance to my home. In very short order I became very comfortable with the traveler who I learned was Dave. When we arrived home I told him he could camp out in the backyard, stay in the tree house or in the guest bedroom of which he choose the latter.
After some small talk I directed him to the shower which he greatly appreciated. A while later he emerged clean and relaxed. Sue was making stir-fry and soon we all sat down and enjoyed dinner. It did not take long to realize that Dave was a thinker and philosopher. Our discussion quickly grew in-depth and soon we moved outside to enjoy a beautiful evening on the deck. We talked of science, space, time, religion, and so many topics it is hard to remember them all. After several hours of intense conversation we both decided it was time for bed.
Whenever I meet interesting folks like Dave it reminds me of the rewards one can experience through our fellow-man. For me it was a simple decision to stop and offer this traveler a place to stay like I have done so many times before. I can safely say that the people I have met over the years in this fashion have made me and my family richer people for the experience.
Dave is walking to California to find a new life. He has decided to use Route 50 as his trail. He will be leaving Augusta soon to continue his journey west. If you see him walking along Route 50, stop and chat or offer him a place to stay. You will not regret it.
You can follow Dave’s exploits at


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