The rich one percent are generaly not racist

one percent #2

For long time I have made the statement that there should not be laws to protect any specific group of people, but laws that protect all people from other people! This includes white people, black people, brown people, red people and if the genetic biologist have their way in the future, purple people. We are all part of the same species. Sure there are minor difference based on our point of origin on the planet but we are all human beings!
My title really says it all. 99% of us are simply struggling to make it from day-to-day and in many parts of the world, it is more like minute to minute. I know this sounds like conspiracy theory stuff, but the truth of the matter is the very wealthy one percent of the world’s population controls the lives of 99% of the population. The one percent do not care what color your skin is as long as you do not interfere with the flow of money and power to them. The tricky thing for the wealthy is to create a scenario where there is just enough chaos to keep the general population on the edge of civility but not journey down the road to anarchy.
So if what I propose is correct, why is there so much apparent racism in our world between us in the 99%? There are a number of factors involved here, first there is the idea that there may be such a thing as a genocide gene. Some biologist have proposed that there is a genetic predisposition for some species to eliminate anything that it perceives as different from themselves to help ensure its own survival. This would explain why we tend to practice so many forms of racism, and genocide is so prevalent around the world. Second, humans seem to unit together when they feel threatened by something different or new. Hitler used the Jews as a receptacle of hate and united the German people in what turned into a world conquest attempt. My father, as a boy, hated other non-German Catholics, later learned to hate black people, moved on the Mexicans and finished his life out hating Asian’s. In the end, I think he hated anyone who was not white or German Catholic!
When I was a teenager, I visited my grandparents in Pennsylvania where my father grew up. It was a small coal town in the hard-coal area of the state. In this cute little town there were at least four different Catholic churches which were made up of German, Italian, Hungarian and Polish Americans. Having been raised Catholic, this seemed strange to me, how could all these Catholics have different churches. What was really strange was they practiced a form of racism between the different churches! I was told by my new friends that the Germans do not hang out or date the Polish and this attitude existed between all the churches! If Christ were to return to this planet and witness this kind of behavior, I think he would get sick to his stomach! He may call God and ask him for the next flight back to heaven! (skip the cross, that was painful and apparently that did not work the first time)
So what is the answer? Maybe there is no answer. Maybe this is the way we are. Ever since we bit in that “fruit of knowledge” things have gone downhill. Lets face it, humans with knowledge is like a toddler with a loaded gun, we may shoot ourselves or some innocent passerby!
So to close this sermon, I would like to offer some simple advice to anyone willing to listen. In the bible Mathew says it best, “Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself”. There is no mention of what color your neighbors skin is. This sounds like a good starting place to me even if I am not religious.

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One thought on “The rich one percent are generaly not racist

  1. Well as part of the top 5 per cent it is always good to know someone cares about us. Being on TOP is always better than being on the Bottom but When you are less than the TOP 1 per cent do not count of any tax sheltered FOUNDATION for us. Leave that Gates and Buffet crowd to dodge the TAXES and to be the Kings and Queens of USA with the not for Profit stuff.

    Anyhow Thanks Again Top is Better than Bottom always. .

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