The Streisels at the beach. Day 0ne.



  Every summer, along with millions of other earthlings, we make our way to the oceans boundary to play in the sand, bask in the sun and wrestle with the ocean waves.  For us, it is a family affair and usually the whole family makes their way to a home at the beach that we have rented for a week in July, which is generally the best time to visit the beach.  The trip to the beach is a nightmare as we transverse  the distance with all the other beach goers. The closer one gets to the beach, the worse the traffic. Fortunately, all this is behind us now and our vacation has begun.

      Once we arrived, we unloaded the cars and decide what needed to be bought from the local merchants (scalpers).  Everyone found their bedrooms, made their beds and when it was all done, I took the kids down to the beach for our maiden visit. Tomorrow will be our first full day at the beach….I can’t wait! 


2 thoughts on “The Streisels at the beach. Day 0ne.

  1. We are here in North Carolina with our kids (some of them) & our two grandchildren – priceless moments. Have a wonderful week –

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