The Streisels at the beach day 3

Another amazing day in Frisco, NC! We are all loving the water and the weather continues to be great. Yesterday during my bike ride the wind got a little rough but that made for a fast ride home. In the evening Sue introduced us to a game called Farkle, a dice game, which provided a couple of hours of entertainment for us adults. Amy’s (Scott’s wife) parents joined us to add to the fun. One of my old students called me and as we talked about family, the beach and and other things he interjected, “you live a charmed life,” I have to agree!
We have been watching about 8 young cats playing in view of one of our decks and to our surprise a man (cat man or in reality, Dan Felix) showed up to feed the wild cats! Sue, (cat women) while standing on the deck got into a conversation with the man and learned that he travels around the island feeding cats. He makes 8 stops every evening! He has built several house habitats for the cats to live in and he has not missed an evening of feeding in five years! Hats off to Dan.
Yesterday I saw a sign while riding my bike that I just had to show you this photo, so here it is.
My only complaint.


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