Checking in from Alaska and the Yukon


I only look drunk…

Looking At the Rockies as we head West.


Can you identify this plane?


Are tiny rental car in Seattle.


Pikes place market in Seattle, a mass of people buying all kinds of stuff.


A fish salesman in Pike Place.


Seattle is a great city to spend the day!




Can you see the mountain the the clouds?
Will try and check in again this week.
Right now we are in Whitehorse Canada and the weather is good.
Talk soon.


5 thoughts on “Checking in from Alaska and the Yukon

  1. Wow…didnt know u were going so soon…didnt u just get back from the beach ? Must be nice…my brother the jet setter…! I was in Seattle many yrs ago when Gwen n I did our road trip around the US….never made it anymore north then Seattle. Heard it was nice though. Have fun and b safe…keep the pics coming….how long is this trip going to b ?

    1. Been gone for about 5 days. Heading to Dawson City tomorrow on an 89 hour bus ride…yuck!
      Got to get home and finish the fireplace flue update so we can head south when winter starts.
      Life is tough….

    2. Got back yesterday, the 22nd. Had a great trip but I am a little tired. Met a man from Australia and he invited us to stay with him. Sent him an email and said…January 2016… Leave the lights on!
      All I need to do is find $5000 for the airfare.

  2. Well you go from the GOLD BARS photos and the Stock Market to where they have REAL GOLD. Doing any sifting on the trip? Guess the Lottery ticket did not buy you the GOLD. You can still do Barrow but Alaska this time of year is for the Hunters and Fisherman. Fall will come by the first week of September and the leaves will change rather abruptly. Hope you packed some COLD weather clothes.

    1. Paned for gold, got $17 worth, put it in my pocket and it fell out on the bus….
      Never got cold while we were there. GREAT TRIP!

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