There is no mirror clear enough that I can truly see myself.


I often wonder what kind of person people see when they look at me. Many of my friends who read this blog will probably call me to make some cute remark about my looks, but all kidding aside, who am I really? Of course, like most of us, I have a conception of what I believe others see and hope it is close to reality. I think I once heard a person say that the closer to reality one’s perception of ones selve, the more sane that person is. Well, this creates a dilemma: how do I know how sane I am;  this in turn begs the question, how clear is my mirror?  Wow, this becomes a vicious cycle the mind can journey into.
So here I sit with computer at 2:19 in the morning trying to clear my mind of this crazy mind-game. If I lay in bed trying not to travel around this circle, I may lay there for hours, but if I get up and empty my soul onto my computer, I will go soundly back to sleep. In other words, if I want to get off the “Great Mandella,” I have to somehow change this half dream/half thought into something tangible for others to read.
I wonder how many other people wake up in the middle of the night with such bazaar questions rolling around in their head. This is an important question because, if I am one of a few, that makes me farther from the mean, which by definition, makes me a little crazier than most. So, I am going to ask my faithful readers if this happens to them, and if so, do they wake up with wild, off-the-grid-that seem unsolvable. These aberrations always wake me from my usual restful sleep… OK, that’s it. I am going back to sleep-enough crazy thoughts for one night!



One thought on “There is no mirror clear enough that I can truly see myself.

  1. Well the first question is when did you go to sleep or if you just worked too hard and woke up too early? The second is did you have a Bad dream that frightened you up? Finally maybe you seize a precious thought worth capturing for this blog. It could be any of the above but so long as you get enough rest everything is gonna be alright.

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