Why do I write this blog?


This sounds sort of like a stupid question,  but in all seriousness, it is a question I repeatedly ask myself.  Why do I spend hours of my valuable time, with my pathetic grammar skills trying to write a blog?  Why do I bother my good friend Rich, an ex-English teacher, to help make my writing more readable? These are all good questions to which I have several inadequate responses.  But before I go down that road, I want to discuss the many benefits of writing a blog.  First, there are all the positive responses one gets, like: “Hey, aren’t you the one who writes that blog for the Hampshire Review?”  Or I hear, “I like your writing,” but there is no extended discussion about the issue I was writing about, just simply put, I like your writing!  I particularly enjoy the constant praise and rewards I get from the paper I write for….which amounts to nothing. And as an added benefit, most of my Republican friends no longer talk to me.  And, there are the regular checks in the mail rewarding me for my hard work. HA! HA! HA!

Well, the reason I write these blogs is purely selfish in nature, ie that is I enjoy writing and experimenting with the English language with all its complexities and nuances needed to express my point of view.  I relish the idea that I might make someone think a little harder after reading one of my blogs or even consider what I have written as a useful addition to their thinking process.  Additionally, I have always been told that ‘the pen is mightier than the sword’ but I believe that to have been the case before the creation of the Fox News Channel.  The other nice thing about writing a blog is that one is free to write whatever or whenever one pleases, which gives a person a freedom that paid writers do not have.

Lastly, many believe that present day media are bought and sold by corporate powers who determine the content of the news and the nature of the reporting.  If this is true, and it appears more so every day, the blog-a-sphere may be the only place to actually read totally unbiased news and ideas.  I have nothing to sell, no material gain, and although I am sensitive to what my readers think, I am for the most part indifferent.  For those reasons I write and will continue to write until I no longer want to, then I will stop.


One thought on “Why do I write this blog?

  1. How to respond – looks like an Alfie moment or what’s it all about moment for Charlie.

    To be or not To be is that the question or is it relevance versus irrelevance or maybe Rock without the Roll?

    Either way it will soon be Thanksgiving Day. Be Thankful for what you have enjoy the Turkey – Gobble, Gobble, Gobble .

    P. S. Amnesty for all Space Aliens especially Superman.

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