Hampshire county schools could be some of the worst schools in the world!

I woke up this morning in a cold sweat thinking about the state of our local schools and then decided to write about it.  It is time for me, I believe, to again point to the obvious elephant in the room.  No jokes or smart-ass comments just the plain and simple truth!

It is apparent that there are some excellent teachers and a few good administrators in this county and they deserve mounds of credit for what they are able to do, but the simple truth is that we as a county are failing as a providers of education to our youth. This county can no longer afford to sit back and wonder what to do; time has run out.  There are success stories in our county, places where kids are excelling, but the end result of our thirteen years of ‘leading (children) from darkness’  has been a massive failure!  After all, the very word educations implies that our children are lead from darkness to the light of knowledge.

Here is our world-wide ranking


world scores 2

Don’t look for the good old USA at the top. Notice some of the countries ahead of us like Estonia or Viet Nam!  We are the last place country in math!

Now, how did we do as a state? Sorry, this data-set is not as pretty to the eye as the worldwide one, but it gets the point across.
Below are the state Rankings for Math and Science Education

Well Above Average
1 Massachusetts      4.82
2 Minnesota            4.06
3 New Jersey          4.04
4 New Hampshire 4.01
5 New York             3.94
Above Average
6 Virginia                3.73
7 Maryland             3.57
8 Connecticut        3.28
9 Indiana                3.28
10 Maine                 3.24
11 Florida               3.13
12 Illinois               3.08
13 South Dakota  3.08
14 Wisconsin        3.06
15 Colorado           3.04
16 Kansas              3.00
17 Kentucky          3.00
18 Vermont          2.93
19 Georgia            2.88
20 Washington   2.86
21 Utah                 2.85
22 Pennsylvania 2.80
23 Tennessee      2.67
24 Ohio                2.64
25 Delaware       2.60
26 Michigan       2.60
27 Oregon           2.58
28 Wyoming       2.58
29 Montana        2.53
Below Average
30 Idaho                 2.47
31 Texas                  2.45
32 North Dakota  2.40
33 Missouri            2.39
34 California         2.38
35 Rhode Island   2.38
36 North Carolina 2.34
37 Hawaii               2.29
38 Iowa                   2.25
39 Alaska                2.20
40 South Carolina 2.20
41 Arkansas            2.14
Far Below Average
42 Oklahoma         2.01
43 Nebraska          1.97
44 Nevada              1.93
45 Arizona             1.91
46 New Mexico     1.72
47 Alabama           1.60
48 Louisiana        1.59
49 West Virginia 1.58  Here we are way down here at the bottom of the far below average group!
50 Mississippi      1.11  Thank god for good old Mississippi!


So, do you ever wonder why no industries want to come to West Virginia?  Who would willingly bring their children to some of the poorest performing schools in the world?

Now, just when you think you cannot get any more depressed, let’s look where good-old Hampshire County stands in the state!

Rank (of 113)

This is a composite score.
Rank Change From 2012

1 Bridgeport High School                                       148.8
2 George Washington High School                      142.2
3 Van Junior/Senior High School                        134.2
4 Winfield High School                                          127.1 1
5 Shady Spring High                                               124.3
6 Hurricane High School                                       122.6
7 Fairmont Senior High School                            120.7
8 Pendleton County Middle/High School         120.3
9 Nitro High School                                                120.2
10 Morgantown High School                                117.8
11 Cabell Midland High School                             114.1
12 University High School                                     111.7
13 Paw Paw High School                                        111.3
14 Wyoming County East High School               110.5
15 Tyler Consolidated High School                     110.4
16 Wheeling Park High School                             109.8
17 East Hardy High School                                   109.5
18 Frankfort High School                                     109.3
19 Williamstown High School                             108.8
20 Liberty High School                                         108.7
21 Ritchie County High School                           108.0
22 Princeton Senior High School                       107.3
23 Jefferson High School                                     106.8
24 Sissonville High School                                  106.5
25 Tucker County High School                           106.2
26 East Fairmont High School                           105.0
27 Ripley High School                                          102.8
28 Westside High School                                     102.1
29 Magnolia High School                                    102.0
30 Saint Albans High School                              101.7
31 Oak Glen High School                                     101.5
32 Herbert Hoover High School                        101.4
32 Paden City High School                                 101.4
34 South Charleston High School                      99.7
35 Wahama High School                                      98.9
36 Weir High School                                             98.4
37 Keyser High School                                          98.1
38 Greenbrier East High School                         97.9
39 Pocahontas County High School                   97.8
40 Washington High School                                97.1
41 Musselman High School                                 96.7
42 North Marion High School                            96.5
43 Buffalo High School                                        95.0
44 Gilmer County High School                          94.6
45 Bluefield High School                                    94.2
45 Woodrow Wilson High School                     94.2
47 Martinsburg High School                              94.0
48 Clay-Battelle High School                             93.8
49 Grafton High School                                       93.5
50 Parkersburg High School                              93.1
51 Spring Valley High School                             92.6
52 Poca High School                                            92.5
53 Berkeley Springs High School                     92.3
54 Meadow Bridge High                                    92.0
55 Hedgesville High School                              91.9
56 Elkins High School                                       91.0
57 Liberty High School                                      90.6
58 Wirt County High School                            90.4
59 Capital High School                                      90.3
60 Cameron High School,                                90.1
61 Richwood High School                                90.0
62 Midland Trail High                                      89.9
63 Summers County High School                  88.5
64 Nicholas County High School                    88.4
65 Huntington High School                             88.3

66 Point Pleasant High School                       88.7

67 Brooke High School                                     87.5

68 John Marshall High School                        87.5

69 Moorefield High School                              85.7
70 Sherman High School                                  85.7
71 South Harrison High School                      85.6
72 Lincoln High School                                   85.4
73 Fayetteville High                                         85.3
74 Scott High School                                        85.2
75 Riverside High School                                85.1
76 Parkersburg South High School               84.3
77 Robert C. Byrd High School                      83.1
78 Pikeview High School                                81.9
79 Buckhannon Upshur High School          80.6
80 Petersburg High School                            79.3
81 Calhoun Middle/High School                   79.1
82 Philip Barbour High School Complex    77.9
83 Roane County High                                    77.9
84 Greenbrier West High School                  77.8
85 Wayne High School                                    77.7
86 Doddridge County High School              77.4
87 Man Senior High School                          77.3
88 Clay County High School                         77.0
89 Preston High School                                 76.8
90 Tolsia High School                                    76.8
91 Lewis County High School                      76.5
92 Ravenswood High School                        75.9
93 Tug Valley High School                            75.9
94 Mingo Central Comprehensive High    75.7
95 Valley High School                                   74.9
96 Oak Hill High                                             73.3
97 Braxton County High School                  73.1
98 Independence High School                    72.8
99 James Monroe High School                   72.7
100 Logan Senior High School                    71.5
101 Tygarts Valley Middle/High School    71.1
102 Webster County High School              70.4
103 Montcalm High School                        70.3
104 St. Marys High School                         69.6
105 Hannan High School                           69.0
106 Valley High School                               69.0
107 River View High School                       66.5
108 Lincoln County High School              66.1
109 Union Educational Complex              65.1
110 Hundred High School                          64.2
111 Chapmanville Senior High School     62.6
112 Hampshire Senior High School   60.4  Here we are way down here at the bottom!
113 Mount View High School                      50.7


Does this bother anyone!!!??? One of the lowest scoring countries in the world, second to the last state,  Mississippi!

I wonder if our students would score any better if we just let them stay home.  What is even sadder is that I will get very few responses to this blog, other than from a few loyal readers!  I guess it is hard to defend oneself when the data is so obviously damning, that we are an ineffective and failing school system!  If I were an administrator in Hampshire county, I would be headed to Bridgeport High School to see what in the world they are doing so right! How can their students score 2.35 times higher than ours?  The teachers are paid similar wages; I doubt their school buildings are that much better than ours and; they take the same standardized tests.  What we are doing is not working!  Something is so wrong that it defies logic to continue following the same course of action!…But we will.















4 thoughts on “Hampshire county schools could be some of the worst schools in the world!

  1. I can tell why we have fallen so far in the rankings. Maybe not fallen, rather we might have always been there. I was an elementary student at Capon Bridge and had a couple of bad experiences. Before going any farther I think teacher recruitment is one issue, but the biggest issue is teacher accountability.

    So the first two, among many more, unpleasant experiences. One, I had a science teacher humiliate me in class. We were exploring how to get a person who needed calcium but didn’t like taking pills. I remember clearly giving six examples. I saw it as a challenge and wanted to give a good answer. I don’t remember all the answers I gave, but I won’t forget how that teacher made me feel in class. I was called, by the teacher, “dippy”, and after a couple answers I was told, “what are you trying to do kill this poor lady Dr. Dippy?” The. For weeks the teacher and kids from that class called me stupid Dr. dippy. I went to the principal after two weeks and not a thing left that office in the form of action. Who knows just how many students this teacher made feel less than adequate.

    Second bad experience was from a math class. I can’t even tell you all the stuff this math teacher did, not just to me but others. Really, this isn’t the forum to talk about that, however, I know complaints were made by students and parents and again nothing. Later that teacher ended up teaching at the high school. It’s no wonder or surprise to me that Hamphire County schools don’t fair well.

    Ok so that was a long time ago, what about present day? One example is a particular teacher can be found, on any given day half drunk, well all the way drunk, at Doodles and fighting with not so good language rolling off the tongue. So when a child of is in that teachers class a parent made known to the principal these facts and requested that child be moved. Yes you guess the principal didn’t nothing and stated, “we don’t do that.” Never seemed to be bothered about the conduct of the teacher. From that day forward, like a light switch was flipped, that child was getting some form of discipline regularly.

    So you ask, “why”? It is fairly obvious to me; it is recruitment and accountability.

  2. I would be interested to know where you got this ranking information, and how up to date it is. I agree with your aspirations as a theoretical administrator, and as a current teacher, I would LOVE to go to another school in the state to find what they are doing right. Let me know, and maybe I can convince administration to let me (and hopefully a couple other teachers) visit Bridgeport.

    1. This is one site based on a number of factors
      Here is some raw data.
      Here is another.

      Good news! We have moved up to 90 in the state!

      Just found this new data. I guess I am going to have to write another article about our improvement.

      Still way down there but moving up.


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