Let’s Not Trivialize God:

The definition of TRIVIALIZE.


transitive verb \ˈtri-vē-ə-ˌlīz\   : to make (something) seem less important or serious than it actually is

      Even though I am not a traditional religious person, I often tell people that I try to be a very spiritual person.  This does not mean that I believe in ghosts or invisible entities floating through the air, but it does say that I believe in the absolute magnificence and incredible complexity of the universe we live in.  To me, standing out on a starry night, staring up into a star-lit sky is like looking into the soul of God which leaves me breathless with its vastness.
When people trivialize God by putting him at the steering wheel claiming he is somehow involved with the day-to-day events that occur here on earth, it seems rather demeaning of my concept of God.  In fact, if God is everything and everywhere and sees all, that sounds very much like the understanding of the universe I subscribe to.
     I cannot tell you how many times I have heard people say that God protects them while they walk this earth.  This concept troubles me.  In other words, if I walk down the middle of a busy highway in rush-hour traffic because I am high on drugs or having an emotional breakdown, God will protect me?  NO, he will not!  Or if I drink too much alcohol, eat the wrong foods, get fat, God will not shelter me from some fatal disease.  This is particularly troubling to me:   When people become extremely ill or pass away, regardless of their age, God has a plan and they are part of it.  Seriously, by all popular understandings of God, he is an all-knowing and passionate being guiding us through the perils of life.  Why would he take a young, innocent person, or anyone for that matter, to the forever green grass of heaven?  Why would a loving God cause some of the finest people I know to suffer so much before passing?  These are all troubling questions that many of us struggle and find no answer to.
     So, let’s not trivialize the concept of God.  If you choose to believe in god, give him the credit he is due.  Don’t blame him for every bad thing that happens: personal or global disaster and on the other hand, don’t give him credit for every good thing.  Accept the fact that the universe is unfolding as it should and we are all part of a very large and complex scheme. God is not your co-pilot, nor, based on the driving skills I observe on our highways on a daily basis, would he choose to be.  You  are the one who determines the path you follow and how your life will unfold.  If God is the primary cause of all that happens in our life and on this planet, I have to assume that he often times cries over many of the decisions we make and He will allow us to make them and then expect us to deal with the consequences….good or bad. Remember, God helps those who help themselves.
To quote an old friend and fellow star-gazer “Live long and prosper.”

2 thoughts on “Let’s Not Trivialize God:

    1. It is good to hear from you. Glad you enjoyed it. Thought it might get a little back pressure but none so far.
      I am pretty sure God made me write it. His face appeared to me in a piece of fudge and told me to write something…

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