I’m the boy with the pork chop hung around his neck.



About 8 weeks ago I hurt my shoulder lifting an 80 lb. bag of mortar.  Since that time I have been unable to swim so I decided to run every evening I could.  Since I am old, I limited my runs to either 2 miles, 3 miles or 5 miles with the 2 miler being the most frequent run and a 5 miler once a week. Living with us is a massive dog by the name of Vader who I refer to as Invader .  Vader is overweight, tapping in at about 155 lbs.  Because of his excessive weight, it occurred to me that he should run as well.  The first day went OK with the dog staying with me most of the way.  The next day he fell back and about half way through the run he turned back.  I was a little upset with this lazy dog but I kept running alone.

After about a week I decided to try a trick to get the dog to run with me again.  Vader’s weakness is his stomach which is rather large and hanging low.  In order to maintain his obese state he must eat whenever and whatever he can get to.  With this piece of knowledge I planned my strategy.  Dressing up in my winter running clothes, I opened the front door to displayed a large dog bone which excited Vader to utter madness.  After Vader saw the dog bone, I place it in my coat pocket.  I now have a very loyal running companion!  After I have run half way through my run I give him half of the bone and allow him to watch me place the remaining half in my pocket.  At the end of the run I give him what remains which makes him very happy.  So, now you know why I refer to myself as the boy with the pork chop hung around his neck.


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