The Going Green Ruse and the CRAP number

How high can it go?
How high can it go?

Going Green is one of the largest economic and media hoax’s ever contrived. The words Going Green are synonymous with all the virtues of being a good citizen. These words have crept into every avenue of life. When I first ran across the phrase, I felt that the idea of going green seemed to be a good idea and the concept sounded fantastic, but the realities of the expression are not an accurate reflection of the real world we live in. When I hear the media explain how a certain company or product is so very green,  it sometimes makes me ill.  One of these companies claims that its car is the greenest vehicles on the planet. This may be some what true, but to say that its car is green in any way is so far from the truth. First and most importantly, a car burns fuel for its entire life which puts a hugh amount of carbon dioxide in the air. Secondly, every time one changes oil one is potentially placing oil in the environment to some degree. Thirdly, when a driver applies the brakes, he is depositing small particles of chemical dust onto the roadway, which will be inevitably washed into the groundwater and eventually the streams and ocean. Fourthly, the very process of manufacturing the many parts that make up a car produces a multitude pollutants. Fifthly, someday the car will cease to run and then much of it will be sent to a landfill to become part of our ever-increasing accumulation of trash . Much of the modern car is made from plastic which in turn is made  from oil and other chemicals, some of which are extremely dangerous to us and our environment. Although we are told that these plastics are recyclable, this is only marginally true. Most products are made from what is referred to as “virgin plastic” which means that there are no recycled plastics in it, including all food containers. The main use for recycled plastic is all the synthetic wood we see in park benches and outdoor decking. Although it may take a while, eventually there products will join the constant accumulation of trash we are creating worldwide.
I know that this all sounds pretty depressing but sometimes the truth is that way. The only way to be truly green is to live in the woods with absolutely no man-made products. That includes electricity!  You may say, “What if I use solar or wind to make my electricity?”  Well, the very equipment you use to collect these forms of energy such solar cells or wind mills had to be manufactured. In order to be faithful to the true meaning of GREEN, one must live like a wild animal in the woods. Even this scenario has its problems were a population to grows too large such that it alters definitively the existing ecosystem.
What I am proposing here is an international GREEN RATING, ranging from one to ten and would therefore reflect the total severity of the impact a product has on the planet. This number would measure: recycleabilty, damage to the environment during production, impact of shipping to user and finally, disposability. No product would ever receive a perfect score of zero, but hopefully, as we approach the climax of this environmental time bomb, there would be an attempt to improve what we might call the Consumer Resource Accounting Parameter (CRAP). Education is the key to most of earths severe environmental problems; that said, the CRAP number could possibly be the beginning of this process of restoring our planet.
Of course, like most new ideas, there would be problems with this at first. Consider the car as a ready example; there is an infinite number of parts and materials in a car so that the CRAP number would be a very complex calculation arrive at. This is when computer technology could be helpful with a program that would be capable of taking into account what could possibly amount to millions of factors expressed as one easily read number. Once people are educated about the CRAP number, there would hopefully be a movement to try to decrease humanity’s environmental footprint. This would in turn delay the doomsday we are headed for. The reader may say, “What is the point of all of this if we are heading towards an unavoidable calamitous conclusion. Why even try?”  The final truth is this: we are on space ship Earth.  She has only a finite amount of resources and can only absorb so much pollution before she simply dies. Even if we get all the CRAP’s down to 1 or less, we are still using resources, and we will someday run out. But, what is the alternative? Until we are capable of flying off to the stars, this is our only home  What do you think the CRAP number would be for building a star ship? I think it would be pretty close to 10!

star ship


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