How long will we keep sacraficing our people to guns?



It pains me to have to write about this horrible topic. In recent times I have witnessed an increasing tendency for violence of this nature to occur in our country. I am referring, of course, to the obscenity in Oregon where nine innocent people were killed along with their gunman. Words are inadequate to console the parents of these victims. There are no easy answers to offer them that will help them move through the emptiness now in their homes. There is only a vacant bed where they used to sleep. How many more incidents like this can we tolerate before we say, ‘enough is enough’? I would like those who believe that we should not place restrictions on the ownership of weapons to fly to Oregon to tell the families of those slain why it is necessary for anyone to own a military weapon and why they do not support the licensing and control of these guns and ammunition. I think the president of the NRA should do just that!

The media will hype this with 24-hour coverage with interviews, sound bites from all the experts and witnesses who have some tidbit of information to throw into this ‘cauldron of insanity.’ A few will discuss the elephant in the room, but will receive little praise for their efforts. It will surprise most of you to know that I support the ownership of firearms, but our society has taken this basic right and skewed it so terribly that it does not address the reason that this law was brought under constitutional protection. In addition to protecting one’s livelihood, the founding fathers feared the intrusion of excessive government into the lives of people and it was felt an armed population would prevent the government from gradually taking away the people’s rights. This was tolerable until the advent of modern weapons when one person was able to march into a building to destroy every living person and the building as well. I do not believe the founding fathers envisioned a world where uzzies, repeating rifles and homemade bombs were easily accessible.
There is little doubt that this will be portrayed by the media as an extremely complex issue, but I believe it is a simple solution we Americans must create. We must somehow make the choice to keep weapons out of the hands of people who are incapable of rational decisions. There is no need for people to have an arsenal in their basements! There is no need for hunters to have machine guns! As long as we are willing to allow this situation to continue, we will be ambushed by the evening news chronicling ad nauseam the deaths of innocent people. One day it may be someone close to us so that we will be faced with the feeling that we should have spoken out earlier; We should have made a difference; We should have saved our children!….


Here is what one Australian journalist wrote.


2 thoughts on “How long will we keep sacraficing our people to guns?

  1. I support firearm ownership. And very much support CWP. I dont have and issue with having to register my firearms. What I have an issue with is people making the law abiding firearm owners feels like they are the problem. I am sure that this recent incident was carried out by a person who should never have been allowed to have a firearm. I could go on but will leave it there.

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