Gin soaked rasins, part 2

After several weeks of taking eight of the golden raisins every night, I am going to advise men who are considering taking these little morsels to avoid them. I am afraid you are going to have to read between the lines on this advice. I can not speak for women but the effect these raisins have on men is disturbing at best.  They may help combat inflammation but the physiological cost is too high.  So, I placed $50 worth of raisins in the trash and began my search for another way to waste my money.  Five days after removing these expensive raisins my body returned to its normal self.

Arthritis cure or just good raisins?


On Saturday mornings I often listen to a show called THE PEOPLE’S PHARMACY on National Public Radio (NPR) hosted by Terry and Joe Graedon.  Its topics range from self-help approaches to out-of-the-mainstream medical professionals who are working to discover new cures for old diseases. This past Saturday the co-host took phone calls from their listeners about self-help remedies that they had used successfully.  One of the phone calls that was of particular interest to me pertained to arthritis cures.  The reason this interested me so much was that over the last 65 years I have been perfecting the art of injuring myself through many creative and quite successful methods.  There was the time that I turned my ankle on the cross-country trail at Hampshire high, or the wear and tear from setting almost 10,000 stones during the building of my house and most recently the Dick Van Dyke flip I took while running through the woods and landing full force on my left shoulder.  The shoulder and ankle injury ended up needing corrective surgery. The doctor informed me that arthritis would probably result from the injury and the surgery; thanks, doc!  In the last couple months I have noticed my hands are somewhat stiff in the mornings which might indicate an arthritic problem.  All cards on the table, I think I am getting old!

So, on this Saturday morning the Graedons took a call about a possible remedy for arthritis.  It seems, according to the caller,  that by eating golden raisins soaked in gin along with some other preparation guidelines one can virtually eliminate painful joints!  Well, I was ready to rush out to the liquor store and buy some gin and find someone who sold golden raisins and get to work making my first batch of this medical marvel.  After reading the details of preparing this concoction, I decided that purchasing them might be a better option, so I ordered a batch of gin-soaked raisins ( and I am awaiting their arrival.

According to the caller, I will notice results in a couple of weeks and I will keep you up to date as to my progress towards a pain-free existence. If any of my readers have some experience with this approach, please share it with us. There are a lot of us old folks who have this condition and would love to have some relief without taking all those expensive and scary drugs.  Hope to hear from you.