Gin soaked rasins, part 2

After several weeks of taking eight of the golden raisins every night, I am going to advise men who are considering taking these little morsels to avoid them. I am afraid you are going to have to read between the lines on this advice. I can not speak for women but the effect these raisins have on men is disturbing at best.  They may help combat inflammation but the physiological cost is too high.  So, I placed $50 worth of raisins in the trash and began my search for another way to waste my money.  Five days after removing these expensive raisins my body returned to its normal self.


One thought on “Gin soaked rasins, part 2

  1. Cosmic,

    You really have to read between the lines here to get it but you are not young. Wear gloves and a hat as it gets COLD or go South where it is warm. These are a problems with age and staying warm is better than liquor soaked raisins. Something about this does not pass the QUACK test or maybe this what the researcher was. All I know is now when it is really COLD is things tend to tighten up and you work through it.

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