Was Jesus a Democrat or a Republican?



What would Jesus do? This is the focus of this article. I listen to so many folk spouting Christian doctrine and using it to support their individual causes and beliefs, so it has become apparent to me that Jesus may not have at all approved of some of the ways he is used to defend their point of view. Probably tops on my complaint list is the pointless killing of other people. Our propensity for war is, with few exceptions, rarely justifiable and quite insane! The number of wars over the last 1000 years is obscenely high. The number of humans killed in combat is likely equal to a surprisingly large percentage of the current population of the earth! The quote cited below appeared in the New York Times:

“At least 108 million people were killed in wars in the twentieth century. Estimates for the total number killed in wars
throughout all of human history range from 150 million to 1 billion. War has several other effects on population, including
decreasing the birthrate by taking men away from their wives.  Jul 6, 2003.”
Assuming all these people reproduced, it would be hard to even guess what the current population of our planet would be otherwise. So, in a sense, war has been a form of population control. That strikes me as very sad and cynical. Additionally, ‘going to war for Jesus’ or killing people in a Planned Parenthood facility is not something I think Jesus would approve. Not to forget, it is pretty obvious that the number of children that survived childhood in the past was extremely small; I doubt that Jesus ever thought about the current issue of over-population on planet earth. I believe Jesus was a left-wing, tree hugging, anti-gun, liberal pacifist, and under no circumstance would have taken another’s life. I am pretty sure he also was against accumulating large amounts of natural resources and wealth like many of the mega-churches do today. His disciples were very poor and little interested in monetary gain or status.
Recently there have been numerous books describing Jesus’ potential return to earth. In most of these novels, Jesus is quite disappointed over the current state of religion. All joking aside, if we are his chosen people, he has to be wondering why he chose us; we are destructive, mean, ruthless, bellicose and generally paranoid about anything we consider alien. We even fight over the color of a person’s skin! We are destroying our beautiful planet at a pace some think is breathtaking! Yes, sometimes we show compassion and caring for our fellow beings, but that usually occurs when they have been subjugated by another group of humans or nature’s fury. Maybe it is something like rooting for the underdog. If we see someone being beat up by others or blasted by nature’s relentless show of force, we step in to help out. I am not sure why; maybe we are thinking into the future where we might possibly need some help.
So anyway, Jesus, what would you say about the current human condition on planet earth if you were to visit us? I can not believe it would be good.


2 thoughts on “Was Jesus a Democrat or a Republican?

  1. WAR what is it good for ABSOLUTELY NOTHING! Remember that from Vietnam. Either way the MID-East IS THE REAL MESS. All of the folks that spoke of Arab Spring and democracy are fools. If you lived during the Crusades the real leaders did not send folks to fight they were real MEN and fought in those battles but for what the same problems in the Arab nations of today. They never stopped fighting. Its the only thing they know how to do. How to Stop this well disarm the folks and go back to throwing ROCKs at each other. Anyone who fights with modern weaponry is a not a True believer of anything. They just want the upper hand while deceiving everyone about a religious over tone. No more on this topic but suggest you mention the GOVT. BIG BROTHER AND FAHRENHEIT 451 that is taking over the nation at this time.

    1. Yes, we do need to worry about the direction of BIG BROTHER but my article was about the use of religion to justify so much crazy stuff.

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