It is hard to imagine that there is someone who is not enjoying, if not behind a tear or two, the current presidential election.  Although in recent history the Republicans have offered up some highly creative and entertaining presidential candidates, this election cycle tops all previous contenders for most entertaining.  Starting at the bottom of the heap, one has to consider Dr. Carson.


CNN reports: Republican presidential hopeful Ben Carson believes the

Egyptian pyramids were used for grain.

In a college commencement speech 17 years ago, Carson told the graduates of Andrews University in Michigan that it is his “personal” belief that the pyramids were built as storehouses for grain and not, as archaeologists say, for the interment of dead pharaohs

 This is the first time I have watched a republican debate and I have asked myself several times, why?  The answer, despite my reluctance to admit it, is Donald.  Let’s face it, he is a loose cannon, and that makes him fun to watch.  I catch myself laughing regularly while watching his antics. Now, would I want him or crazy Cruz in charge of the largest military on planet earth, NO!
So, if you would like to watch a movie that depicts this crazy political atmosphere we live in, you should watch IDIOCRACY, in which the World Wrestling Federation Champion is the President of our country.  If this seems silly to you, look carefully at who is going to win the republican nomination!  We have already had one actor become president, another become governor, a wrestler become governor and a comedian become a senator; do you see a trend?  Sit back and enjoy this ride because it ain’t over yet!  This could stack up to become one of the most entertaining elections in the history of this country, and let’s face it, America, we want entertainment!

3 thoughts on “Idiocracy

  1. I never watch this new form of reality entertainment. I have seen Ms. Clinton BARK LIKE A DOG and do some really strange dances.

    Most of these things come down to personality contests similar to Beauty Contests so I guess TRUMP knows this better than all others. Hope he does not Quack up. The battle herein is a bit historical because he relates to the Blue Collar in the country and not the Politically Correct RAP. At these events they set TRAPS for TRUMP to see how he reacts while others pile on like a good tackle in a Football game.

    Real problems on the economy are not dealt with by anyone. One party says CUT TAXES while the other SAY we need MORE TAXES. To solve the DEBT the presidents need to man up and pay for the DEBT they imposed on all of us and if not them collect from the folks who benefited from what they did.

    On both sides the party insiders hold the deck of CARDS or the JOKERS that all will find distasteful come convention time. Anyhow others may watch the Olympics this summer if the Zeki virus does not inhibit the games.

    Anyhow so goes the entertainment-some watch, some do not unless something SOMETHING STUPID happens that is YOU TUBED.

    Enjoy because Life Is What you Make It and What You Make It is UP to You!

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