Monsanto, roundup, cancer and grass fed beef, is there a connection?

About two years ago I decided, with the help and encouragement of my son, to become gluten-free.  This has led me to an alternative approach to eating that has changed my entire outlook on diet.  Several months after becoming gluten-free, I noticed that my enlarged prostate, along with all its life-altering effects was no longer a problem.  I also lost almost 15 pounds in a little more than two months.  As to the long-term effects, I think they are more difficult to identify but I feel strongly that there will be benefits.  Maybe as I approach senior citizenship, I will experience more benefits of this style of eating.

During this adventure I discovered what many refer to as either The Caveman or The Primal diet.  The primary belief in both of these diets is to only eat things that come from the earth, nothing altered by man and chemical free.  We sometimes call this organic, but that word is abused routinely by the food industry.  One particularly important and essential aspect of these diets is the requirement to use grass-fed as opposed to corn-fed beef.  Being the skeptic I am, I failed to see the importance of eating meat that was grass-fed which is what I intend to explore in this story.

Most of the meat consumed in this country and the rest of the world is raised or ‘finished’ on corn and grain.  This is contrary to the natural evolutionary eating habits of these animals.  Cows and other grazing animals are designed to eat grass, not grain.  Recently I met a former student of mine who is involved in the meat industry.  She shared her observations gathered at a meat processing facility, sometimes referred to as a rendering plant.  What she passed on to me was rather disturbing. When beef is grass-fed, all organs and other meat are red and appear normal; when the cow is grain-fed, the meat and organs are discolored and do not have the same natural appearance as grass-fed meat.  I had read this in a couple of books but took it with a grain of salt.  Now, someone who has personal experience with this is confirming what I learned from my reading!  For  the last several weeks this idea has been festering in my brain.  Several days ago I was reading an article called: ARE GMO’S TOXIC?  Slowly, during the next few days, the pieces fell together for me.  This is a tricky piece of logic, but I think I can get through it clearly enough to make sense.

*Almost 40 years ago Monsanto began producing ROUNDUP, its product is used to control  weeds.

*Near the same time genetic research progressed enough to create ROUNDUP READY  seeds.

*With this advancement, fields could be sprayed with ROUNDUP to eliminate weeds and in a few days seed could be  planted with Roundup ready seeds which were bred to be resistant to the killing effects of Roundup.

*This is called NO-TILL farming which reduces erosion and any disruption to the soil. At first, This seemed like a great idea at Monsanto and to farmers.

*Someone figured out that farmers could save money by spraying crops with ROUNDUP before harvest to eliminate  weed residue in the harvest.

*The amount of ROUNDUP used on a crop has proliferated over the years due to the increasing resistance of weeds and the increasing reliance on herbicides.

*The active chemical in ROUNDUP is GLYPHOSATE which has recently moved onto the ‘possible carcinogenic’ list.

*The allowable levels of GLYPHOSATE in food recently has recently been increased by government agencies.

*Along with being a herbicide, GLYPHOSATE is an endocrine disruptor and an antibiotic.

*GLYPHOSATE has been shown to accumulate in all organs of the body, animal and human.

*ROUNDUP is used on corn, grains and other crops which are fed to animals used for human consumption and fed directly to humans.

*Despite the fact that meat has been a staple of human diet since the beginning of human time, meat has become the bad boy at the market, because it has been implicated in many major human diseases, most notably heart disease.

*Current acceptable levels of GLYPHOSATE in meat has risen to 400 parts/million which is considered high by critics of Roundup.

The above are the facts and the chain of events as I see them.  No doubt someone will wish to rebut them, claiming that there is insufficient concrete data, and they would be right.  There is no absolute data at this time because these types of environmental pollution are insidious and work very slowly on living beings.  What you do with this information is obviously up to you, but it seems that there is a strong connection between meat consumption and human disease, and maybe, just maybe, that is due to the much higher levels of GLYPHOSATE in our meat and other foods!  Maybe the consumption of grass-fed meat as an alternative is a good idea!  Maybe it is the GLYPHOSATE that is causing all the problems.  As always, we are the guinea pigs participating in one of many long-term experiments that we did not sign up for.  Based on the data, I think eventually GLYPHOSATE will be removed from the food chain because public sentiment will grow exponentially or someone will win a lawsuit or two against Monsanto.  This will happen after many millions of people will suffer in a wide variety of ways.

Here are a few charts showing a possible relationship between GLYPHOSATE and various serious diseases.  This is indeed scary! If you click on Google images and write GLYPHOSATE graphs you will see many more graphs correlating this chemical to various human diseases.






Now that you have this information, what can you do to protect you and your family’s health?  You can begin by writing your representatives and letting them know your concerns.  We need GMO labeling on all products and a major push for the eventual removal of ROUNDUP from the environment!  At present, you need to switch over to products that are GMO free.  I can remember stories of people drinking DDT and washing themselves down with it to demonstrate how safe it was to humans, Ha Ha on that!  You can see this video on YOU TUBE if you would like.  This is a war!  Monsanto is one of the richest companies on the planet and plans on staying that way even if it means inflicting great human suffering!


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