My letter to President Obama about The Affordable Care Act.

Dear Mr President

I would like to begin this letter expressing my boundless admiration for the job you have done as President.  I have been in constant praise of your even temperament in the face of unrelenting personal attacks and constant barrages launched at you and your administration from the right.  I have told many of my friends that I am in awe of the way you handle these attacks, much like Kane did in one of my favorite TV shows, Kung Fu.  Sometimes I even think you may have grown up watching that show, as I did, and adopted his life view.

So I am writing this letter with mixed feelings and hope you understand why.  Your work in getting the Affordable  Care Act enacted will go down in history as one of the most important acts in our country’s history!  As I see it, it is the beginning of moving our country into the modern world with affordable medical care for all, along with most developed countries.  I know that this program is in its infancy and needs continued improvement, but there is a particular aspect of this program that worries me more than others: the cost that this is placing on the middle class.  As I talk to my friends and neighbors who are paying, in my opinion, much too much for their private health insurance, I am seeing a trend that is very disturbing.  The cost of insurance for these individuals is approaching levels that are simply beyond their reach. For example, today I talked to a friend who is a  farrier who must purchase his own health insurance for his wife and himself.  He has a $2500 deductible and is paying $1347 a month!  He told me that he has never met the deductible and so is paying out-of-pocket for all his medical needs!  I asked him if a higher deductible were applied, would it help?; he said emphatically, “NO.”  You and I, Mr President, who are on government insurance programs, do not experience this problem as so many like him do.  My friend, although he continues to find the money to make these payments, is being stretched close to his financial limits.  I am talking about middle class America, not the Trumps of the world. I feel certain you would agree with this.

On a more practical and current note, the present belief of many middle Americans is that the Affordable Care Act must be eliminated or replaced.  Much of this fear and uncertainty emanates from the enormous expense middle class individuals are being forced to pay.  At this point in time I understand there is little you can do to correct the problem, but this will certainly be a hurdle that Secretary Clinton will have to navigate in the coming years.  It would also make a great political opportunity for her to use her many skills to address.  I understand that you may very well never see this letter; nevertheless it is my hope that you may, because I believe your heart is always in the right place. I feel that you believe that Americans deserve to have much better health care at a price that will not do damage to their life-style, their sense of security and the well-being of their family.

I am sending this letter to you as well as posting it on my Blog, which is found in our local newspaper at under blogs and Cosmic Charley.  Again, thank you for doing an outstanding job as President of our great country.  I will miss you and your family.


2 thoughts on “My letter to President Obama about The Affordable Care Act.

  1. The problem with the cost and burden to the middle class comes as an unfortunate negative side-effect of the republican/pharmaceutical industry/insurance industry partnership that spent over $100 million to confuse the uninformed US public and make them think that a ‘public option’ would be bad for them.
    The public option was voted down by just one vote.
    The public option would have allowed anyone to have an option beyond purchasing from insurance companies. Each citizen would have had the option of purchasing from a very large federal government insurance company. The US Government could have bargained the prices down and reduced overall cost of insurance. This would have created increased competition in the industry. The result would have been lower costs for all or for most.
    So, I would say it is not so much Obama and the Democrats and other supporters of the Affordable Care Act that are to “blame.” The problem is more that the congress is so obliged to big business money that they did not do the right thing, despite the recommendation of the President.
    I encourage citizens to vote for those individuals who will make the affordable care act more affordable by acting to include a public option organized by a non-profit (the government). All of the democracies in Europe have single-payer systems run by the government and according to World health organization, they are less than half the cost per person and also Europeans have better health and longevity. Win. Win.

  2. Very well said! Money is the name of the game. Until we put people ahead of profits, nothing will change.
    Thank you for the great comment!

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