How Frontier Communication controls my life


I just attempted to check my email and spent a long time waiting for one lone picture to download.  While I sat there contemplating my life, married to Frontier, I wondered what other people with functional internet must be doing with their spare time.  I have told most of my internet-savvy friends who live out of Frontier’s domain not to send me any YouTube videos, attachments, photos, documents or anything that requires even a small amount of bandwidth or speed.  I purchased a BlueRay disc player a while ago so I could download movies from NetFlix and, guess what happened?  Yeah, you guessed it, my internet was too slow to download movies.  If I were to become ambitious and wished to start a company, I would not be able to use my computer in the Frontier network because it is far too slow.  If someone wanted to send me a large file, they would have to find another way to get it to me, like maybe The Pony Express or the USPS, both of which might be faster than Frontier.

Many sites, which are now located in the CLOUD (that means, everything is kept on another server rather than your own) require decent data speeds to operate properly.  All of our banking, retail sites and informational sites are located in the cloud which makes it easier to keep them secure.  This also makes it harder for us Frontier customers to access them.

I listen to West Virginia politicians talk about the need for businesses to come to West Virginia and then wonder what would motivate a company to come to a state with one of the worst education systems, worst internet accessibility and worst infrastructure in the entire country.  Yeah, that’s where I want to put my company!  I hope you understand I am being sarcastic. Sometimes I wonder what these people are thinking; better yet, if they are thinking….


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