The best money can buy. Trump’s $14 billion dollar cabinet.


Gary McCoy / Cagle Cartoons
Gary McCoy / Cagle Cartoons

The following information was collected from the sites below.  One wonders how a president who claimed to be the people’s president can pick so many extremely wealthy people to advise him.

I found this information at :

Donald Trump’s Cabinet Net Worth: How Much Each Member is Worth


Secretary of Education Betsy DeVos: $5.2 Billion. Forbes says $1.25 million.

Betsy DeVos is Trump’s nominee for Secretary of Education. She is a member of Richard DeVos’ family, which Forbes estimates is worth $5.2 billion. DeVos is married to Dick DeVos, Richard DeVos’ son. Richard DeVos made his fortune as the founder of Amway.

I do not believe this women has worked a day in her life. I know she did not sell AMWAY.

Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin: $40 Million. Forbes says $300 million.

Mnuchin made his wealth as an investment banker at Goldman Sachs for 17 years before working for hedge funds. In 2009, he led a group that bought IndyMac, a California-based house lender that he renamed OneWest. Bloomberg reported in 2012 that Mnuchin was accused of being overly aggressive with foreclosures on mortgages  during his tenure as OneWest CEO.

Goldman Sachs , a key player in the financial collapse of 2005. Forbes says he is worth 300 Million.

Secretary of Commerce Wilbur Ross: $2.9 Billion. Forbes says $300 million.

Wilbur Ross, who earned the nickname “King of Bankruptcy” by leading Rothschild Inc.’s bankruptcy-restructuring advisory practice, was nominated to be Secretary of Commerce. Forbes estimates that he has a net worth of $2.5 billion. That puts him at #232 on the Forbes 400 list.

“King of bankruptcy”,  now that makes me feel good.

Secretary of State Rex Tillerson: $150 Million. Forbes says $325 million.

Rex Tillerson is the current CEO of ExxonMobil and was expected to retire in March. NBC News reports that Tillerson has an estimated net worth of $150 million. He made $24.3 million in 2016, according to the New York Times.

Tillerson has been at Exxon Mobil since 1975 and has never held a position in government. He has built a cozy relationship with Vladimir Putin and Russia in recent years, even receiving the Order of Friendship medal.

Lets run our government like an oil company.  That should serve us well.

Attorney General Jeff Sessions: $7.52 Million. Forbes says $6 million.


Jeff Sessions, the longtime Alabama senator, was nominated to be attorney general. Before his career in the Senate, Sessions was Attorney General of Alabama and U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of Alabama. He also had a private practice before working in government.

According to the Center for Responsive Politics, Sessions’ average net worth is $7.52 million. That’s 2.6 times more than the average senator’s net worth. It’s also 5.3 times more than the average net worth of the other representatives of Alabama in Congress.

How does a senator make that much money…One wonders.


Secretary of Housing and Urban Development Dr. Ben Carson: $30 Million. Forbes says 29 million.

Although Ben Carson is a retired neurosurgeon with no government experience, Trump nominated his former rival for Secretary of Housing and Urban Development. Celebrity Net Worth estimates that the Detroit native’s net worth is an estimated $30 million.

Again one wonders, how does a doctor become worth 30 million dollars?

Secretary of Health and Human Services Tom Price: $13.6 Million. Forbes says $10 millon.

This man has a masters degree and he somehow became worth 13.6 million dollars?  How is that?

Secretary of Transportation Elaine Chao: At Least $22.8 Million. Forbes says $24 million.

Elaine Chao, who served as the Secretary of Labor for all eight years of the George W. Bush Administration, is Trump’s nominee for the Secretary of Transportation. Chao is married to Kentucky Senator and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. The Washington Post reported in 2014 that McConnell’s net worth jumped from $7.8 million to $22.8 million.

So Mitch McConnells wife needed a job,  go figure…

Administrator of the Small Business Administration Linda McMahon: $500 Million.


Linda McMahon is the wife of Vince McMahon, the founder of the WWE. Forbes estimates Vince McMahon’s net worth at $1.14 billion. Linda McMahon’s net worth is estimated to be $500 million, according to Celebrity Net Worth. McMahon worked in the WWE until 2009 when she began to pursue a political career. Both of her campaigns to represent Connecticut in the U.S. Senate failed, so the only political experience she has is as a member of the Connecticut Board of Education from January 2009 to April 2010.

Who could argue with that, bring somebody with experience in WWF wrestling to run the Small Business Administration.

Secretary of Energy Rick Perry: $3 Million. Forbes says $2 million.

Rick Perry, who was once a Trump critic, was chosen to be Secretary of Energy, The New York Times reported on December 13. It’s ironic, since the former Texas Governor said in a 2011 presidential debate that the Department of Energy was one of the three departments he would eliminate if he was president. Over 60 percent of that department’s budget is devoted to the National Nuclear Security Administration.

If this was not so sad, it would be funny. One of the poorer people in the group.  He probably serves the others coffee when they meet.

Interior Secretary Ryan Zinke: $675,502. Forbes says $800,000.

On December 13, Trump nominated Ryan Zinke to be Interior Secretary. He is Montana’s sole Representative in the House and was a Navy SEAL from 1986 to 2008. The 55-year-old is on the House Natural Resources Committee and Armed Services Committee. Zinke was first elected during the 2014 mid-term election.

He may be the most normal guy there.

Secretary of Labor Andrew Puzder: $4 Million Salary. Forbes says $45 million. Quite a wide range.

Andrew Puzder is Trump’s choice for Secretary of Labor. According to the New York Times, a 2012 filing to the Securities and Exchange Commission shows that Puzder’s salary for 2012 was just over $4 million, although that was down from $10 million in 2012.

Puzder is best known as the CEO of CKE Restaurants, the parent company of the fast food chains Hardee’s and Carl’s Jr. He’s been in the role since September 2000. He has been a harsh critic of President Barack Obama and does not advocate for raising the minimum wage.

WHOOPS!  Puzder is gone and now we have  Alexander Acosta being nominated and not much information on him.

Now there is a surprise, a man who worked in the fast food industry is against a minimum wage. He will Help Rick Perry serve the drinks.

Secretary of Veterans Affairs David Shulkin: $170,000 Annual Salary.

During his press conference on January 11, Donald Trump finally announced his pick for one of the key roles he had yet to fill. Dr. David J. Shulkin will be his nominee for Secretary of the Department of Veterans Affairs. If confirmed, Shulkin will be the only member of the Obama Administration to be carried over into the Trump Administration, as he has served as Undersecretary to Obama’s last VA Secretary, Robert MacDonald.

Donald slipped up, he hired a poor Obama man.  Rick will tell you what to do…:)

Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue: $6 Million.

George Ervin ‘Sonny’ Perdue III was Governor of Georgia from 2003 to 2011, as the first Republican governor of the state since Reconstruction. Before becoming governor, he ran a successful grain and fertilizer business, notes the New York Times, and he returned to agribusiness after leaving office. He also made money by owning property in Houston County, Georgia.

Donald is going to need somebody with experience in the manure field.

Vice President Mike Pence: $211,510. Forbes says $800,000.

Vice President Mike Pence and his wife, Karen, lived a modest lifestyle compared to the other nominees before Trump was elected. His average net worth is $211,510, according to the Center for Responsive Politics.

Mike may need a few tips on getting rich and not paying taxes from his boss.


On another note, National security advisor Micheal Flynn resigned because of not informing the president of his phone calls to the Russians.

Trump says he did nothing wrong so why did he fire him?

More to come.


2 thoughts on “The best money can buy. Trump’s $14 billion dollar cabinet.

  1. Well done, Charlie. As these cabinet picks have been announced, more or less one at a time, I think the average voter has perhaps a “general sense” of “some level” of wealth that one might attach offhandedly to many corporate CEO’s. However, I think, that for those average voters, that true level of economic privilege far exceeds what most of us would typically imagine or presume. It’s particularly stunning (and sobering and troubling) to see that wealth quantified collectively, as you have underscored in your article.

  2. I do not get the point of this. Allot of TRASH. People are to be judged by what they do not what they have. How much money is President TRUMP getting for his work? Allot less than the guy that left. With these folks let’s see what and how they do. As far as the Flynn thing goes it seems BREAKING THE LAW is OK. What was done was illegal. The prosecution of the who and how here will be far more interesting than his outcome. 10 years in prison is not a good thing. If it was career persons than send them into the RED zones like Syria or Iran and make them save the country. Allot of bad news out there and if this level of pure HATE continues – how can we make it through the next four years? For the last administration just pay back the 14 Trillion in DEBT accumulated. Our day of reckoning is coming and it will not be a good thing and place the Blame where it belongs. Its later than it appears here.

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