A history of Trump and Russia. What we know so far.

I found this article in the Washington Post so I decided to pass on the essence of the article to my 3 readers:

  1. Trump’s claims that he did not know Vladimir Putin, but he also got to “know him very well.”
  2. Putin sent Trump a present and spoke with him but he claims he doesn’t know him.
  3. Trump has “nothing to do with Russia” but his son said, “Russia makes up a pretty disproportionate cross-section of a lot of our assets” and “We see a lot of money pouring in from Russia.”
  4. Russia definitely hacked the Democratic National Committee.
  5. US intelligence agencies alleged that Putin/Russia meddled in the election.
  6. There was “no communication”  between Trump’s team and the Kermlin during the campaign …except for his future national security adviser, his future attorney general and his son-in-law.
  7. Attorney General Jeff Sessions “did not have communications with the Russians,” except for the meetings with Russian Ambassador Kislyak, which he lied to congress about under oath.
  8. Sessions claimed he had “no idea what this allegation is about but claimed “It is false.”
  9. Sessions recused himself from this countries investigation of Russia. Sessions cannot confirm that the investigation exists even though he recused himself from meddeling in it.
  10. Sessions believes that PERJURY is one of the constitutional “high crimes and misdemeanors” and “goes to the heart of the judicial system”, except that he himself lied to congress under oath.
  11. Carter Page, who had extensive ties to Russia, had “no role” in the Trump campaign, except he was listed publicly as an adviser.
  12. Reports that the Trump team had ties to Russia are “fake news,” yet those who leaked the information need to be “found and punished.”
  13. Trump ousted Michael  Flynn, his national security adviser, who Trump said did nothing wrong.
  14. Flynn, who spoke several times with Kislyak on the day President Obama placed sanctions on Russia, told the FBI and Vice President Pence said that the discussion they heard about in regarding was in fact not about sanctions at all. Hard to believe!
  15. Former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort had, “absolutely nothing to do with and never has with the Russians”, except for his extensive work for Russian oligarchs and pro-Russian forces in Ukraine.
  16. Now, President Trump claims, without visible evidence or support from the director of the FBI, that President Obama wire-tapped Trump Tower during the election.

Like you, I have heard or read much of this information over the last several months but thought DANA MILBANK of the Washington Post did a great job of presenting them in an understandable format, so I used his article as a template for my own piece.  Please note the quote marks within, which are the actual statements these people made.


2 thoughts on “A history of Trump and Russia. What we know so far.

  1. I am stunned and astounded at the steady flow of contradictory statements, “alternate facts”, and flat-out fibs promulgated by many of the key players in the new Trump administration relating to its connections and interactions with Russia. I feel that this “new normal” constitutes an egregious insult not only to the integrity of the democracy, but also to the tolerance of an informed and well-intentioned citizenry (or…in Trump’s Twitter-speak: Sad!) Mr. Milbank’s article for the Washington Post is especially powerful – it assembles, organizes and bullet-points the stream of inconsistencies and falsehoods on the Trump-Russia issue. A worthwhile read, for sure.

  2. Where is the reference to Mr. Podesta who worked the other side and who did have his email hacked?

    Where is the reference to the FISA warrants issued against the President’s TRUMP tower in New York while he was a candidate? While a Russian Bank did rent space in the building such an action by the 2016 administration appears more tainted than anything done in Watergate.

    Why were the rules of release of Electronic Surveillance information modified by the Ex-President to make it available to a wider circulation and damage the nation’s intelligence community .
    This too appears to be worst than any NIXON dirty trick.

    What is the remedy for the actions of the previous administration or as others have said just a another reflection of his legacy along with the 14 Trillion in added debt that America will have to pay for in futre generations.

    Final comment the Ex-Pres said no other nation would jeopardize the 2016 election.
    If what is now under review he did not do a very good job here either a Legacy No one would want.

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