My First podcast




2 thoughts on “My First podcast

  1. Makes you think. Very logical. Fear has driven mankind for centuries. Fear then becomes a part of our genetic makeup. I can only hope that doing what is right and good can balance out the “fear” factor. Everyone one has “fear” at one time or another. Fear can be overcome. Family and knowledge are key to overcoming “fear”. When you have family to reach out to in times of crisis you take a moment to think. Family and knowledge are what makes a great society in my own beliefs. Families teach us to love and care about others. Good family values are essential! We may question what “Good” is. I like to think of good as doing no harm to others. Knowledge is another essiential part of a great society. Knowledge allows us to look at life in new ways. In doing this we tend to LISTEN more to others even if we don’t share their views. I believe this is what can make a society greater than anything there forefathers imagined!
    This is a very brief outline of what I believe and certainly can be expounded on.

  2. Thanks for the response! Well stated. Many folks in our country base their lives on fear. Thanks for taking the time to listen to my ideas.

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