Cosmic Charley has not left the county, which may cause some folks remorse.  I am still here and must apologize to my three readers for not writing much lately.  It’s summer and it is hard to sit in front of this terminal and not be outside working on projects or riding my bike.  I will return soon with more useless dribble to occupy your time and new PODCAST to listen to.  I saw Sally See, from the Hampshire Review, my sponsoring newspaper, in the Food Lion the other day and asked her if she listened to my new PODCAST and she said no, I was heartbroken!  Don’t worry, I will recover from that.  I must admit it is hard not writing, with President Meathead providing so much amazing, funny and scary material to write about, so I will be back soon.  I hope you all are having as fantastic a summer as I am!



One thought on “Apologies

  1. From One of the Three Readers – I did not listen to the PODCAST either. I can READ!
    I think folks need to look at substance rather than the mornin JOE or was that the mornin JOKE from
    the MsNBC or CNN the Comic New Network. Well hope you have a Fourth of July and enjoy Whatever. Back here in MD PGC they fixed the Grades to pass or graduate students and it will make for an interesting investigation.

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