The world and our country are getting scarier.

I, like many of you, am wrestling with the events that are unfolding daily from the White House.  There has not been a day in recent months that the President failed to do something that created unrest in some part of society.  I find myself turning on the news in the morning to find out what has transpired since the previous evening.  More precisely, what has Trump done or tweeted to rock somebody’s world.  I have observed many presidents with no recollection of any president acting in this chaotic manner.  It would appear that Trump’s goal is to create a reality TV environment that keeps everyone focused on him.  We are in a new age of idiocy where anything is acceptable, there are few boundaries and our president appears willing to pass over these boundaries with little concern of the consequence.

This is Friday, August 25, when I am writing this, and today we are watching the removal of Steve Bannon, executive advisor to the President, who many believe to be a racist, nationalist and deconstructionist.  In case you are not familiar with the term deconstructionist, it means he wants to deconstruct the federal government back about a hundred years or so.  He envisions the government the way it was before cars and electricity.  His removal from the White House is partly in response to the events in Charlottesville, VA and the President’s ridiculous racist remarks afterwards.  It is hard to understand why Bannon was even brought into the White House in the first place.  According to some reports there are several others in this administration who have connections to these viscous hate groups!

What scares me to the core is the large portion of the population who doggedly hold on to their vision of Trump as a leader capable of fixing the many problems this country has.  It seems in their eyes, he can do no wrong, which is the same kind of thinking that has led to the ruin of many countries currently and in the past.  The fact is he can do no right.  His one accomplishment was the selection of a Supreme Court Justice.  Other than that, he has done little more that write proclamations which have no legal teeth at all!The one idea that I share with the Trump supporters is that this country needs a serious reboot before it is too late.  The problem is, we chose the wrong individual for the job.  Granted there were no clear alternative choices but this was the worst possible choice we could have made!  He is seriously deranged due to his life of wealth and his freedom to do what he wants, when he wants, since he was a child .

I am seriously afraid of what might transpire during his tenure in office. Yes, I was concerned with Reagan and worried about George W. Bush.  But even though I disagreed with the many things that they did, I did not consider them deranged or a sociopath.  The political, as well as the natural world is in a delicate balance even in good times but today’s world is hanging by a thread in both areas.  Whether you disagree or agree with what president Obama did, he was a stable force in the world.  He never picked fights with people or countries.  He never abused his power as president.  He never incited large groups to solve their problems with violence.  He never spoke rudely of fellow politicians in public.  He never allowed white supremacists to work in the White House.  He avoided as much as possible sending our young men off to die in foreign countries.  He never insulted the women of our country with obscene comments.  This current buffoon in the White House has done just about anything he can think of to denigrate the office of president.  It is time for his removal from the White House before something serious happens!

If you share my feelings on this subject, I hope you contact your representatives in Washington DC and let them know what you think!  We are experiencing a real test of our democracy and it is important that everyone let their representatives know what they think!