Cosmic Charley 2020 for president!

Now that I have finished all my projects here around the house I have had lots of time to think about current political issues.

Cosmic Charley is back and has made the decision to run for president of the United States in 2020. Here is my platform for all to see.

First on my platform is my total commitment to health care for all individuals: poor, rich, incapacitated and anything else you can think of.  If you are an American, you get health care, it’s that simple.  In order to have health care for all, our notion of free enterprise and its connection with the health of Americans is going to have to be changed.  No longer can a corporation make decisions on your health care based on profit. We must separate the free market, i.e. capitalism, from the medical services market if we wish to survive as a country!  Medical costs are going to bankrupt our country in its current form.  Health care, as Bernie Sanders says, “is a right”, not a privilege.

Second is the reduction of the military allowing more money to be spent on Americans, not bombs, planes and war ships! We can no longer afford to maintain such an enormous military.  Our job as the world’s police has ended.  When we reduce military spending to a more realistic level, we will then have money for programs that directly affect so many Americans such as medical care, education, infrastructure, economic development and the general well-being of our people.

Third is the protection and isolation of Social Security monies.  All money collected by SS will be isolated and kept away from the free spending politicians. Increasing the cut-off, perhaps doubling it, for contributing to Social Security will make it viable for many decades to come.

Fourth is that women will have the right to make decisions pertaining to their own health.  I will also push for legislation that would ensure equality for woman in the workplace, in business and in all aspects of life.

Education and the proper funding of it will be one of the most important items in my agenda if we want America to move into the 22nd century as a world leader.

America will regain its world leadership in the push for the reduction of carbon dioxide world-wide.

Tax on the ultra-wealthy will increase to help equalize the disparity of income in America.

I will spearhead a movement to reverse the Citizens United Act to help get money out of politics.  I will push for term limits for all elected officials. In addition, election campaigning shall last four months.  No political activities, such as ads, fundraisers, rallies or anything related to elections shall be allowed until the four-month window before the election.

I would like to call this new political party the “America’s Party”.  My Party will use all their energies to the betterment of the bulk of Americans, not the wealthy few percent who control a majority of America’s wealth!


Note: I am not qualified for this office but that seems to be one of the qualifications currently needed to run for office, no previous experience needed.


2 thoughts on “Cosmic Charley 2020 for president!

  1. President of What?

    Are You forming the GOOD FELLOWS party and singing for I’m a Jolly Good Fellow Which nobody can deny.

    You forgot balancing the budget and paying back the DEBT if you really wish to save Social Security.

    Good Luck!

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