The shortest day of the year

The shortest day of the year has become a big day for me over the last couple of decades.  As I get older, the long cold winters become less desirable, which makes the 21st day of December, the day which marks the beginning of the march towards spring, a special day for me. Yes, slowly we will make our way through the cold, miserable months of January and February and sometime in March, spring will peek through the clouds, flowers will begin to bloom and the air will once again be full of the fragrances of life.  Trees will begin to bud, streams will once again flow with a crisp, clean supply of water and love will be in the air. I am getting excited just writing about it!

This march towards the shortest day of the year has been a particularly difficult one for me.  I am forced to watch our nation, under the leadership of a cruel, insensitive, narcissistic man, move in a direction that not only scares me but hurts me deeply as more and more people are going to suffer.  Millions of Americans will lose their healthcare, 10’s of millions of children will not have healthcare.  The wealthy will continue to become wealthier and the earth, our only home, will continue to be the world’s trash bin as we dump more and more trash and chemicals onto her surface and into her air and oceans.

You may have noticed that I have not been writing as much as I used to.  Every time I sit down to write, the weight of what is happening to our way of life weighs me down like an anchor, causing me to stand up and walk away from my terminal.  Since the election of this man I feel as if a large part of my daily routine is spent listening to the horrible things he does or says.  But today is the beginning of our journey towards spring and maybe this day is the beginning of our journey towards the nation we have always strived to be, I can only hope.  We have always been the flagship of the world and even though we have often not lived up to that status, we have always attempted to be that special place on earth where all men and women are created equal. This is the place where, according to the constitution, it does not matter what color your skin is or how much money you have or even who you choose to love, this is the United States of America, a shinning beacon to the world of free speech and human rights!  This is the place we need to go, not to the racist, classed system we are heading to now.  WE ARE AMERICA, LAND OF THE FREE AND HOME OF THE BRAVE, we must never forget that!


2 thoughts on “The shortest day of the year

  1. What is wrong with the turn around day? The SUN is heading NORTH now. The days start are getting longer you have the Holiday Season to cope with the Cold and Warm the folks up. Start to make new resolutions for the next year. 2016 was last year and allot of the folks I grew up with Died in 2017. We found more government corruption and the past lies continue to foster.

    If you have health and a some wealth you are good to go. So the Chill can be tolerated and try more Love rather than Hate and do not try to control what you cannot. You need to smile a while unless you wish to be somewhere else. Enjoy!

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