The future is beginning to become clear to me.

I have resisted writing about the ongoing insanity that we call politics but I cannot resist this.  I want to be in print so I can say, “I told you so” after it is all over.  Here is what is going to happen according to my magic crystal ball… Since fortune telling is a relatively expensive service, I will make this quick.

  1. Mueller’s investigation will continue to issue indictments that are closer to the president.
  2. As the investigation gets closer, republicans will panic and try to remove Trump from office before the midterms at which time they may loose control of the house and senate. This action is due to the fact that the speaker of the house is currently a republican and third in line to be president.  In the case the president and vice president are removed or resign from office, constitutional procedure will place the speaker of the  house in office.
  3. Democrats will successfully drag their feet in hopes that they will win control of the house and senate.
  4. The mid term election will be held and democrats will take control of at least the senate and maybe the house.
  5. Democrats will immediately begin impeachment procedures which will be successful.
  6. Trump, seeing the handwriting on the wall will resign.
  7. With democrats being in charge, the democratic speaker of the house will move into the presidency.
  8. Trump supporters, consisting of white supremacists, ultra right wingers, Breitbart followers, NRA members and many other right wing groups will fill the streets protesting the removal of Trump. Violence will break out…That’s as far as I can see ahead for now.

That will be $20.00

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3 thoughts on “The future is beginning to become clear to me.

  1. Interesting that some people who know him well — the ghost writer of “The Art of the Deal,” and Steve Bannon, some others, think Trump will quit. It’s a good bet: stress reveals character, and in the total absence of character, crushes the husk. If he doesn’t quit, they may have to dart him and throw a net over him before year 4.

    1. I hope he is gone before 4 years. Maybe this is the frog being cooked slowly story, he is not smart enough to know he is being cooked.

  2. Take a real close look at the Flynn sentence.
    Take a look at the upcoming Inspector General’s Report
    What did the president know and when did he know it – will he testify?

    Then we have Uranium 1 and all of the presidents persons!
    Maybe there will be a second Special Prosecutor and happening right
    around the corner that will, like the Tax Cut, turn the tide.
    Nothing like Good Timing helps one hit the ball out of the park..

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