About my gardens and not Trump.

Every time I think about Trump I get sick to my stomach, so I am going to write about my gardens!

This year I got a great head start on my gardens with the help of my friend Dorothy and I am excited about the results.  Over the last week the rain has helped create a canopy of green that takes my breath away.  Not so very long ago the woods were dark and not very pleasing to the eye but now they are a testament to the power of the seasons and the sun.  Hopefully these pictures will help you forget for a short time the crazy world in which we now live.


This is my new rain garden designed to help collect runoff from the new driveway.  There are a variety of plants including some hostas, grasses and perennials.  So far it has worked well at soaking up the large amount of rain that has fallen.  I love the way the rock border turned out.

My new azaleas are blooming great! I think they look fantastic up against the front of the house.

The new steps I rebuilt last summer have new pots and the garden up above is doing nicely. Sorry about the wheel barrows.

The deck garden is looking great with the phlox and to the far left is my clematis which will be beautiful real soon.

This shady deck area is what I call my hosta garden.  They seem to love it here.

I hope this served as a diversion to what we are all growing tired of.  Our world is now green again after a long. cold winter, so we should make a point of enjoying it on a daily basis.  HAVE A GREAT DAY!

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