Do I need a BUCKET LIST? Hell no!


A popular notion of today’s senior citizens is the idea of a bucket list.  In this ritualistic behavior, a person, usually older, lists the activities that they feel need to be accomplished before they take a final breath.  Although humorous in nature, as portrayed in the movie BUCKET LIST, I think it embodies a notion of regrets accumulated throughout life.  That could have been the most depressing thing I have ever written!  Let’s look at it another way.  My favorite analogy of life is the stream bubbling gently over the rocks on its way to the sea.  In this analogy, a person is a leaf being carried by the water over the rocks, around the rocks, through the ripples and occasionally over a waterfall (ouch, that has gotta hurt) on their way to that great resting place, the sea.  As one travels down the stream, it is important not to get stuck behind a rock, but to continue your journey downstream.  I think the point here is to not get in a position where you are not moving ahead in your life.  Examples of this might be a job that totally brings you down, or a relationship that does not make you happy.  If one chooses to push against the rock with the idea that they are going to move the rock, guess what, you are going nowhere and neither is the rock.  Some people make the choice of pushing against this rock for their entire lives and never see the rest of the stream, only to be beaten up and finally decomposed to be returned to that huge organic biosphere we call earth.  Yes, this will happen even if you make the journey to the sea, but think of the things you will see and experience on you journey.  Obviously, the notion of relaxing and allowing the river to take you where it pleases is a little simplistic, but, the idea of seeing and acting on potential experiences is the path to an exciting life!  This could be as simple as accepting an invitation to go out to a place you would not normally go.  One seemingly simple act could change your life in ways you can only dream of.  You could meet a person who offers you a new exciting job, or the women of your dreams, or a new friend that may influence your life in ways you can not even imagine.  Of course there is always the potential for bad things to happen as well, but isn’t that what life is about?  There could be no ups without an occasional down, no left without a right, in fact without all these ups and downs and rights and lefts, life would be incredibly BORING!

I guess what I am trying to say is, if one lives their life, embracing opportunity as it manifests itself, there is no need for a bucket list! If you have explored all the avenues that have been presented to you, you probably have not been stuck on a rock.   The concept of life is simple at its roots, but the complexity arises when one considers the amazing journey we all experience as we make our way down the stream.  For myself, which is the only person I can truly speak of, it has been fantastic.  I do not have a bucket list but I keep my eyes open for opportunities that excite me and provide me with new knowledge and experiences that I have not yet witnessed.  As I get older, I realize like so many others that this brief adventure we call life, is a gift of immeasurable value and cannot be bought for any amount of dollars.  It’s all about squeezing every drop of water from the towel! It’s about floating down the river and gently sliding off the rocks.  It’s about not being afraid of the words ‘I love you’ or making sure the people around you know that you care for them. It’s about not taking any regrets to the hereafter, where ever you think that is.  If you live life, YOU DO NOT NEED A BUCKET LIST!