There is a new addictive drug in our midst

In a society burdened with a variety of addictions, from alcohol, nicotine, sugar, TV, violence and an assortment of illegal as well as legal drugs, it is hard to imagine a new addition to this list, but there is, TRUMP! Over the last year and a half the airways have been assaulted by a form of reality TV unlike anything that we have seen before. We, the population of the USA, and maybe a large part of the world have become addicted to the daily and sometimes hourly updates of this saga. I find myself waking in the morning in need of a quick jolt of this drug by turning on the TV and soaking up the latest insanity. Many people used to rise and drink their coffee or have a cigarette, but today, a large group of us quickly turn on the TV to get a needed fix. Not only has the public become addicted to this new drug, the media, as well has become enamored by this shiny stone. If I were to guess, I would say that discussion of this news mania encompasses as much as 75% of all TV news, and some of the more political channels must be approaching 100%!
The discussion, depending on which channel you watch, is designed to sway you in a certain political direction. I do admit that I lean in what is a more liberal slant, but that is not the intent of this article. News in the past was designed to inform us so that we could make our own decisions based on facts and information.  But now, we are inundated with so much information, which in many cases is untrue, and when it is seems true, it is hard to determine if it is true. We have a plethora of fact checking sources, but in some cases these sites are corrupt as well! This new drug is literally taking over our world by causing the brain to create opiate like endorphins every time you hear new information and this is a major addiction problem!  Not only has this new drug become a staple in our lives, it has created an atmosphere of distrust of a magnitude unlike anything we have experienced as a nation. Like all addictive drugs it will take time and resources to heal from this epidemic but, hopefully we will.
In the mean time we must begin to wean ourselves from this drug. Many folks I have talked to have gone cold turkey by refusing to watch any news. This may not be a good idea since you will no longer be exposed to any information and we all know that information is valuable in our society. I think the best way to withdraw is to find a news source that you can determine is fact oriented and presents the truth without any political bias. This may be difficult and I dare not advise you on this but there are sources out there that do attempt to distribute the news in a fair and unbiased way. I could go on and on but I must get down to the TV and get my morning fix…bye.