The Redbuds

Often times in early spring

I travel down these mountain roads

The smell of spring consumes my being

The greening trees make spirits soar

A certain road I often travel

Not far from my home, I’ll take you there

A few short days come every year

As the universe unveils its care

The road is clear, the sun is bright

You must go there to see this sight

Up ahead , I see its splendor

The redbuds sing a song of vigor

A feeling wakes inside me strong 

The streams are flowing, the snow is gone

The bright fuschia of the flowers

Reaches deep and grabs my soul

I do believe in my heart

There are few sights that compare

The horns have sounded, the drums have played

The birth of spring is on its way.


One thought on “The Redbuds

  1. LOVE LOVE LOVE this!!!
    I saw redbuds blooming in Albuquerque of all places, a few weeks ago. The climate up here in New England is not good for them, but there are a few around that always remind me of WV. I love the heart-shaped leaves almost as much as the flowers.

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