Let’s work together

It is becoming increasingly apparent that the American people are going to re-elect President Obama to a second term. His opponent, Mitt Romney, despite enormous support from the wealthy corporate world and six years of campaigning, will go down in defeat, in my opinion.  Many of my conservative friends are convinced that the future of our country is dire under the leadership of President Obama.  There is no doubt that this country faces many difficult obstacles in the coming years, and I must admit that some of them are very scary.  The Middle East is in disarray, partly from our past history of trying to effect change that is more beneficial to us than the people in the region.  The federal budget is consuming our country like a black hole consumes a planet.  Our public school system is crumbling beneath our feet.  Many of our congressmen have joined the group of wealthy bureaucrats who spend more time worrying about their personal wealth and being reelected than doing what is right for the country. Our social safety nets, like social security and medicare are gobbling up our economic resources at an alarming rate.  The truth is that these problems have been heading our way for over 50 years and were dropped into President Obama’s lap less then four years ago!  Not only did he inherit a major recession brought on by corporate greed, but also faced a divided congress that was and is incapable of making decisions, that would lead us out of this downward spiral.

Wow, that was depressing!  The truth, as I see it, is that our country became great on the backs and hard labor of our forefathers and their forefathers.: men, women and children who worked in mines 12 hours a day or worked in one of Henry Ford’s factories for next to nothing, with no benefits or job security in what could be extremely dangerous conditions. There was no safety net when one became too old or too sick to work, and unless the family could take care of you, you became a homeless person left to waste away on the streets until you passed away or froze to death.  During these times a few individuals became richer that anyone had ever imagined possible, while the average American lived badly from day to day.  There was little difference between this and the Pharaohs using slave labor to build the pyramids!  This is what the corporate world would have, and often did foster, if it were not for the emergence of unions which allowed the poor to have a voice and to take a small amount of the wealth and disperse it to hard-working Americans.  In today’s world unions have often lost their way and sometimes no longer serve the people they represent, but in the past they played an integral part in the development of the middle class.  Enough with this boring but essential history because I am sure many of you already knew this from watching the Friends on Fox channel.

In summary, President Obama did not create this nightmare but he inherited a dynamic near catastrophic situation which is going to take decades to fix, not three years.  His response to these problems are right on target.  We must fix the very thing that allowed us to rise to greatness, the education system, so that we can again be the innovators and creators of new technology.  Without Americans who are properly educated, we as a country will fall off the proverbial cliff to become a second class country with little to no impact on world affairs. When Steve Jobs met with President Obama before he died, he told the president this: if there was one thing he could fix, it would be our education system so that American industry does not have to go overseas to find competent workers.  Finally, health care for everyone!  I hear so many people ranting about what has become known as OBAMACARE.  The most important fact here is that before OBAMACARE our medical costs were growing at an exponential rate and were becoming an ever-increasing economic burden on our country.  The problem, as usual, is a small group of people, who we know to be the insurance companies-not doctors-getting extremely rich from a system meant to keep people healthy.  OBAMACARE is health care for everyone, not just the ones who can afford it.  Sure, it is expensive but as a Christian leaning nation, isn’t it our responsibility in the eyes of God to care for our brothers and sisters?  Finally, who do you think pays for the people who do not have health care, WE DO in the form of higher rates and fees.

So, let’s get together behind our President and work together towards being a better country.  After the election, we can shake hands and find some mutual place in the future where we would all like to be.  If we do not come together the results will not be good for any Americans regardless of who is president.