Getting Older The Right Way

If you have read any of my previous blogs, you know I practice a healthful life-style. I exercise on a regular basis, try to eat well and work hard to keep my weight down. You would think that I would be pretty healthy; basically, I am, but my blood pressure began to go up inexplicably about six months ago and has continued to rise. During that time I attended a Life-line Screening heart clinic and had several tests done on my cardiovascular system. The results suggested that I should see a heart doctor as soon as possible. So, I made an appointment with one in Winchester, Va.  I called the office to request a doctor who was physically fit because I believe that he would better understand what I was dealing with. Six weeks later I got to see that doctor, who in turn made an appointment for me to get a new sonar picture of my carotid artery.  A week later I went to the diagnostic center to get my test. When my cardiologist doctor saw the images, he took them to the vascular surgeon who requested that I get a more detailed CAT scan of my carotid. When the doctor saw the CAT scan results, he decided that I would need surgery on my left carotid which was severely restricted.  I scheduled an appointment with the vascular surgeon, met with him and then we decided to do the procedure on January 23.

Here is a pictures of what they are going to do to me.



So what is the point of all this?  The current theory on this problem is that it is a combination of life style and genetics. My mom and younger sister both had major issues with their cardiovascular system. With that said, I guess I would expect to have some problems as I aged.  I somewhat believe this, but am leaning more towards life style as a main contributor to this problem. About a year ago I changed my diet to the more current approach referred to as PRIMAL DIET which is sometimes called the CAVEMAN DIET. This diet is quite simple; i.e., eat only things that a caveman would have access to. This means not eating wheat, sugar or anything processed. I believe that my problems developed throughout my entire life despite the fact I had a fairly healthy diet, according to the then current theories. Moreover, I did not smoke and exercised regularly. The problem may lie in the fact that I ate many foods that were at the time thought to be wholesome for almost 60 years. I believe that if I had eaten ‘primally’ during that time, I would not be dealing with these issues today!

This leads us to the collective nightmare that we are facing as a culture. The way we eat today is atrocious! And, if we do not change our eating patterns along with our approach of exercise, it is hard to fully grasp the inevitability of the huge medical issues we are going to face in the near future!  Consider my life as a cautionary tale. I thought I did most things right but probably ate too many Twinkies, too much bread and processed food, and look what that got me-a cruded up artery in my neck!  I suggest that you take a trip to the local Ponderosa restaurant to watch the kind of eating that is going on in that place!  Go to the local Wal-Mart to witness the many obese Americans who walk or ride up and down the isles.  If you do not think we have a problem, then you must be asleep!  We need to reevaluate the way we eat, and hopefully help the next generation of geriatrics avoid the oncoming avalanche that will bankrupt our medical system. The time is now;  we have waited too long and allowed the food industry to lie to us with inpunity.  Serious research needs to be funded to discover the best way to eat and maintain a healthful life style throughout one’s life.  Remember, you decide what you eat.